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'Monster High, 13 Wishes' is the new Monster High movie to be released in September 2013. This animated movie centers around Howleen Wolf, who is Clawdeen Wolf's little sister. The film depicts a new school year at Monster High where Clawdeen is determined to be popular.

Her wish turns out to be easy when she comes across a genie called Gigi Grant who grants her not three, but 13 wishes! The Monster High ghouls soon learn to be careful what they wish for because each wish comes with a catch, and soon Monster High school is complete chaos!

The Monster High characters that star in the film are now available to buy as beautiful and stylish dolls.

What are the main features of the Monster High, 13 Wishes dolls?

Here is a list of the main features of Monster High, 13 Wishes dolls: 

  • The film features Howleen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, Gigi Grant, Twyla and Cleo De Nile
  • Each doll is beautifully styled in her own gothic theme based on her role in the film
  • Each doll contains a huge amount of detail 
  • Each doll comes with her own character pet, brush, diary and doll stand
  • Each doll is fully articulated, so she can be posed in a variety of ways
  • The included doll stand allows each doll to be modeled in a fixed pose
  • Dolls are sold separately
  • Suitable for children aged 6 years and older 
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years old

Let's take a closer look

The Monster High, 13 Wishes dolls feature 5 characters who all experience the magic of the wish granting genie (Gigi Grant) in the film. The dolls are Gigi Grant, Twyla, Howleen Wolf, Lagoona Blue and Cleo de Nile.

Here we take a closer look at each of the characters:

Gigi Grant - Daughter of a Genie

Gigi Grant is a Genie's daughter and she has the ability to grants the wishes of her finder - regardless of whether they are good or bad! Gigi Grant looks like a genie in her stylish gold outfit, jewellery and accessories which include a diary, hairbrush, lantern purse and her fierce pet scorpion called Sultan Sting.

Twyla - Daughter of the Boogie Man

New Monster High ghoul Twyla is the daughter of the Boogie Man and a shy character. Twyla looks very cute in a black and purple outfit with a ruffled skirt and a big bow at her neck. She comes with accessories including a diary, hairbrush, a dream-catcher purse and her pet dust bunny called Dustin.

Lagoona Blue - Sea Monster

In the film, Lagoona Blue, the Sea Monster, is wished from saltwater to freshwater which gives her a totally new look. This new Lagoona doll has a gorgeous strapless pink and black dress with a sheer blue glittery overlay. Accessories include a diary, hairbrush, jewellery, goggles, a fishbowl purse for her pet fish called Neptuna.

Howleen Wolf - Daughter of the Werewolf

Howleen Wolf is the daughter of the Werewolf and younger sister of Clawdeen Wolf. She has a stylish new look and now wears an animal print dress with leather like jacket, mesh fingerless gloves and tall black lace-up boots. She comes with a diary, hairbrush, purse and her pet hedgehog called Cushion.

Cleo de Nile - Daughter of the Mummy

The Cleo de Nile doll is only available in the Desert Frights Oasis play set which is in line for release in July 2013.

Are the Monster High 13 Wish Dolls good toys for my child?

If your daughter, niece or any other young girl you know loves the Monster High collection, then they will be really pleased to receive one of these dolls. Monster High dolls are lots of fun for little girls to collect, play and interact with.

Playing with the dolls provides hours of entertainment and encourages social interaction and role playing fun with family and friends.

What do other customers think?

There have already been lots of positive feedback for this play set including the following:

"We have just bought another high quality Monster High doll to add to our daughter's growing collection. Like all of the dolls, it is beautifully made and excellent quality. My daughter loves the fact that this one comes with her own pet. I'm glad we purchased it before they sell out!" Claudia Best, UK

In Summary

The Monster High range continue to grow in popularity and these recent additions are sure to go down a storm. Hamley's predict they will be one of their best selling toys this Christmas so best to order early!

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