Num Noms Glossy Lip Gloss Truck

This is a cute truck that makes lip gloss and serves it in a very similar way to an ice-cream truck. It allows you to mix several different flavors of lip gloss and add in some glittery sprinkles.

It even has an ice-cream machine that mixes and dispenses the lip gloss. The personalized lip gloss can be applied to give your lips a treat!

 Glossy Lip Gloss Truck Image

It's designed as an on-the-go truck that delivers tasty lip gloss and will be a favorite with groups of young children. Children can use it as if they're running a lip gloss business, and take turns to make lip gloss for each other (or themselves!).

What are the main features of the Num Noms Truck?

  • Includes cherry and vanilla
  • flavored lip gloss
  • Includes glitter sprinkles to add to the lip gloss
  • Uses a lip gloss base to mix all the ingredients
  • Dispenses the lip gloss into an ice-cream-like sundae dish
  • Includes rubber wheels to transport the truck- Mixing and dispensing equipment

Let's take a closer look

Cherry and vanilla-flavored lip gloss

There are 2 flavors of lip gloss that you can mix: cherry and vanilla. They have a distinct taste which make them the ideal to be used as lip gloss.

They are both safe to use and look a lot like ice-cream. If you're dismayed that there are only two flavors, don't be!

You can try all sorts of combinations, by mixing them with the sprinkles to create a new flavor. There's also a Special Edition Scented Num, which helps add extra flavor.

Lip gloss base to mix all the ingredients

There is 1 lip gloss base, which is a sort of machine and container where all of the magic happens. It takes a good amount of time to properly mix all of the ingredients that you want to be in the lip gloss.

It creates delicious flavors when mixing the lip gloss with sprinkles. You'll have plenty of equipment to blend the mixture as well.

Mixing and dispensing equipment

This brings us to the next cool features of this truck: the mixing and dispensing equipment. It has one cherry spatula and 1 cherry-scented scoop that let you mix your delicious ingredients, while adding a scent of its own to enhance the flavor.

They can be used for mixing in the base. When you're done with mixing, there are 3 sundae containers to pour your lip gloss into! They look like real ice-cream containers.

Is the Num Noms Glossy Lip Gloss a good choice for my child?

This set is recommended for children that are 3 years of age and older. Many children want a toy that lets them be interactive and gives them a reward in the end.

This lip gloss truck manages to do both. Rest assured, it's a toy that almost any young girl would love.

What do others think about the Lip Gloss Truck?

It has good reviews from customers, with a 4.3 average rating on Toys R Us and a 4.5 average rating on Walmart.

It would take too long to go through all of the customer reviews, but one random customer said that their 7 year old girl was delighted by this toy.

She loves to wear lip gloss and she was awed by how simple and exciting it is to make lip gloss. All of the things checked out to her: the design, durability, and convenience.

In summary

To conclude, the Num Noms Glossy Lip Gloss Truck is an adorable little toy which is really rewarding for little kids because it gives them a tasty lip gloss.

It's fun to use and lets kids be creative and interactive, learning to mix and serve lip gloss. Overall, it's a sweet and fun toy.

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