Paw Patrol Air Patroller

The Air Patroller is a toy plane based on the famous Nick Junior cartoon PAW Patrol action figures. The plane runs on three LR44 batteries and can perform impressive flying maneuvers. For instance, you can fly it as a plane or as a helicopter.

The Air Patroller two-in-one plane offers the perfect opportunity for a person to go for adventure or take part in ruff-ruff rescue missions. Flying the plane is fun and real life-like, thanks to its useful qualities. 

Paw Patrol Air Patroller Image

What are the Main features of the Air Patroller?

The Paw plane boasts of remarkable practical and aesthetic features such as:

  • 2-In-One transformation
  • Handheld trigger
  • Lights and Sound
  • Functional Cockpit and cargo chambers
  • Robopup figure
  • Working wheels

Let’s take a closer look at the top features of the PAW Air Patroller

Two-in-One transformation

The PAW Patroller offers two different flying modes thanks to its two in one capability. You can, therefore, transform it into a plane or helicopter to suit the kind of adventure you want. If you wish to go for a real Paw Patrol rescue assignment, for instance, you can transform the Air PAW Patroller into a plane which will make the rotating engines propel forward. However, when the aircraft is the helicopter mode, it hovers making it possible for Robopup, the pilot, to land safely.

Lights and Sound

The plane makes it possible for you to recreate your favorite PAW Patrol rescue assignments, thanks to its real action lighting and sound system. At the push of a button located at the top of the Air patroller, you can activate natural lights. Likewise, you can create authentic jet and helicopter sounds by flipping the rotating engines upwards and downwards.

Practical Cockpit and cargo chambers

The Paw Patrol’s Air Patroller is spacious enough to fit all the action figures. Both the cockpit and the cargo bay door open up to comfortably accommodate two and four Paw Patrol characters respectively. There is no reason why your pups shouldn’t enjoy riding the Air Patroller.

Robopup Action Figure

Since a plane cannot always operate on auto-pilot, this Paw aircraft comes with its pilot by the name Robopup. The pilot will not only steer the airplane into successful missions but will also help in its safe landing.

Is the Paw’s Air Patroller a good choice for my child?

The plane is indeed an excellent Christmas gift pick for your child. It helps the child develop a better understanding about flying, drones, Quadcopters, and air crafts. Secondly, the toys are an excellent way for your child to interact with his or her favorite action figures and be part of a Paw Patrol rescue mission. 

What do others think about the Paw Air Patrol?

A Great Paw Patrol Addition - By Cassie Harvey on February 21, 2016

"My four-year-old son is obsessed with Paw Patrol. He has a collection of all the pups which includes the regular, and the spy puppies. Just recently he added the air version when we bought for him the air patroller. The plane has a nice size which accommodates two pups in the front and four at the back. It also makes life like sounds. My son adores the plane and enjoys flying it around the house. The plane is a must have for any Paw Patrol enthusiast."

In Summary

The Paw Patrol Air Patroller is the perfect present for a young Paw Patrol lover. Instead of him or her getting into mischief during the festive season, the child will play the hero and get immersed in rescue saving adventures.

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