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Planes Wing Control Dusty by Mattel

Disney Planes is the new animated action packed 3D adventure starring Dusty, a plane who has big dreams of becoming a racer. This toy is inspired by the hit movie. Children can now have fun role playing their favourite scenes with the help of Wing Control Dusty, the radio controlled plane. This toy lets children become Dusty's wings by enabling him to follow their every move.

What are the main features of Wing Control Dusty?

  • Dusty has the ability to mimic a child's movements via 2 remote controls
  • Remote controls fit on child's hands
  • Dusty includes 40+ sounds and phrases from the movie 
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and older
  • Toy includes: Wing Control Dusty plane and 2 remote controls (one for each wing)
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries and 4 x AA batteries

Let's take a closer look

Inspired by the Disney Planes movie

Wing Control Dusty has been inspired by the new action packed animated adventure movie called Disney Planes. The movie stars Dusty Crophopper; a plane who dreams of becoming a racer. With Wing Control Dusty children can become Dusty himself and enjoy many role-playing adventures.   

Dusty can mimic a child's movements

Wing Control Dusty comes with unique remote controls which the child wears on their hands (one remote control on each hand for left and right wings). To make Dusty move forward and set his propellers spinning, children simply press a button. To make Dusty move left or right, children simply move their arms left and right and Dusty will cleverly mimic their moves!

Sounds and phrases

Dusty has over 40 phrases and sounds from the movie that he is able to repeat. He is even able to call out flying commands to the child!

Other features

Dusty also has 3 programmed moves that he can perform by pressing a button on the top of the plane.

To be clear...

This toy doesn't fly in the sky; it remains on the ground where it rolls around on wheels, however, young children can still learn to control the plane with the remote controls. This toy works best when played with it in a big open space.

Is Wing Control Dusty a good toy for my child?

Fans of the Disney Planes movie will love pretending to be Dusty and have many hours of fun role-playing scenes from the movie with the remote control wings. Dusty's sounds and phrases help to bring him to life.

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about Wing Control Dusty, including the following:

"I have a 5 and 7 year old boys and they both enjoy playing with Wing Control Dusty. They love it that the remote control fits over their hands so they can pretend to be a plane while playing with Dusty. Dusty's voice is clear and he sounds like it does in the movie. Dusty works best on a hardwood floor where he runs really smoothly. A great toy." Kate, US

In Summary

With the success of the Disney Planes movie, we think Wing Control Dusty is going to be a huge hit this Christmas. Children can enjoy being Dusty's wings, spend many hours recreating scenes from the movie and learn to use the remote controls. Dusty is sure to become a playmate to many children!

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