Once Upon A Time Princess Rose Peppa

If your little one is a fan of the TV show Peppa Pig, they'll love this Once Upon a Time Princess Rose Peppa, which includes beautiful Princess Rose styling.

Princess Rose Peppa toy

Ideal for ages 18 and up, your child will cherish this soft, plush toy which is completely interactive. Just hold Peppa's and she will start to sign, or let go to stop her singing. Your child's friends can join in with the fun too - they can all form a circle holding hands and Peppa will sing again!

What are the main features of the Peppa Pig Princess Rose Soft Toy?

  • Hold Peppa's hand and she will start singing!
  • Princess Rose styling. 
  • Play ring-a-ring-a-roses!
  • Batteries included.

Let's take a closer look...

Hold Peppa's hand and she will start singing!

If your child holds Peppa's hand, she will start singing - making this an ideal toy for young children this Christmas. Eye-catching and soft to touch, the toy has an interactive sensor in each hand which is triggered by touch. Using the latest in technology, this interactive toy will delight, surprise, and provide plenty of fun!

Princess Rose styling

Even when she's not singing, Peppa looks great in her frilly pink dress and shoes. Put her in a toy box, display her on a shelf - the choice is completely yours. The toy is lightweight and great for cuddles. Instantly recognizable, the product is a must-have this Christmas for fans of the TV show.

Play ring-a-ring-a-roses

Unlike some other interactive soft toys on the market, Peppa can be enjoyed by more than one child at a time. In fact, she'll sing over and over again if children form a circle and hold hands, with one child on each end touching the sensors on Peppa's hands. This toy can provide a unique social experience for any young child, and can encourage them to sing along with Peppa.

Is Princess Rose Peppa a good choice for my child?

This cute and cuddly Peppa Pig sot toy magically responds to your child's touch. She'll sing when touched and stop singing when your child lets go - providing lots of interactive fun! Batteries are included with the product, which will save you money, and the toy features Princess Rose detailing, including her famous pink dress with rose emblem and pink shoes.

This product will make a welcome addition to any child's toy box this Christmas, and is perfect for hugs!

What are others saying about Princess Rose Peppa Pig Toy?

The Peppa Pig toy is brand new to the market, and no reviews have been left on Amazon.com as of yet. We expect this to change soon though, especially as this toy was named one of the most sought-after products for the festive season. Grab one while you can!


The Peppa Pig franchise has been popular for a while now, with everything on offer from books to games. However, this new soft toy is perfect for younger children who want to interact with their friends. As children form a circle and touch Peppa's hands, she'll sing a song - providing plenty of enjoyment for young fans of the TV show.

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