R2-D2 Interactive Robotic Droid

You don't have to be a Star Wars fan to appreciate what the Star Wars R2-D2 interactive droid can do. If you're worried about what to give your kids, and your kid-at-heart friends this Christmas, this toy would be perfect. This robot is over 15 inches in height and comes with interactive games.

Star Wars R2D2 Toy

You can let it do simple tasks as it can respond to around 40 voice commands. It can dance and play music as well. It will even whistle when you tap its head. It has sensors, which allows the droid to follow you around the house or even find you if you want to play hide and seek.

If you've always loved Star Wars, you would find delight when the droid reacts to the mention of any Star Wars character. It comes with a light beam, a utility arm and a sensor scope. This is definitely a cool toy to have around.

What are the main features of the Astromech R2-D2 Droid?

  • Reacts and obeys to over 40 voice commands
  • Dances and Spins
  • Plays Games and Music
  • Has a utility arm that serves as a beverage holder
  • Has a secret cargo compartment
  • Has sensors to find and follow you around
  • Plays messages from his past missions with flashing lights

Let's take a closer look

Reacts and Obeys to Over 40 Voice Commands

You will never run out things to say to R2-D2. Whether you want him to keep quiet or to speak up, he would follow your orders. You can ask him not to move, let him patrol around, or have him activate his amazing light beam. You can even ask him to behave himself and he will go to a corner and stop moving. He also has specific reactions every time you mention a Star Wars' character name to him. Like the nice and helpful R2-D2 in the Star Wars installments, you can definitely establish a fun relationship with this droid.

Dances and Spins on Command

Via a voice command, you can ask R2-D2 to dance. He can jam with Cantina music and can perform a spinning dance! R2-D2 is definitely the droid to have around during parties.

Plays Games and Music

There are several entertaining games that you can play with R2-D2. For example, you can play a hide-and-seek game, called the Light Tag. R2 will be able to count to 10 using beeps and will come looking for you wherever you are hidden. You can also play an obstacle game with him. He can also play music in case you want to simply chill and relax.

Plays Messages from his Past Missions with Flashing Lights

If you or your child love the Star Wars movies, you will find the messages that R2-D2 says as very nostalgic. It is based from the movie so you will actually feel like, it is the actual robot sharing his experiences with you during his missions with Anakin Skywalker and other Star Wars characters. This makes this Interactive Robotic Droid as a perfect Christmas gift not only for kids, but also for your Star Wars geek friends and loved ones.

Is R2-D2 Interactive Robotic Droid a good choice for my child?

All kids get amazed with toy robots. They will definitely like the movement and the fun things that the R2-D2 Droid can do for them. Think of R2 as your child's playmate, especially when he/she can't be around other kids. It's also good to introduce your child to a movie character legend like R2-D2. It's also a perfect choice as it is suitable for both girls and boys.

What do others think about Star Wars R2-D2 Interactive Robot?

People who bought it gave positive reviews and said that when they gifted their kids with it, they enjoyed playing with the droid. Star Wars collectors also made a feedback that buying the robot was worth it. It also only takes a few minutes to get it all installed and running.

In summary, this droid is definitely fun to have for both kids and adults, which will make this a perfect Christmas gift. It is also a superior droid and toy robot. When it comes to quality, it is incomparable to other cheap toy droids sold in the market.

Whether you're a Star Wars collector, a parent who wants to buy his/her 8 year-old a gift, or someone who just loves to play with toy robots, this product is definitely worth the buy, not only for the holidays, but all year round.

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