Jakks RC Hulk Smash Vehicle

Thanks to Marvel's Avengers, Hulk has more fans today than he did when he debuted. With the Jakks RC Hulk Smash Vehicle, Avenger fans can drive Hulk around via his remote control vehicle. The vehicle is unlike any RC you've ever seen before and offers several variations that will guarantee it's a favorite toy for years to come.

Hulk Smash Vehicle image

Main Features of Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle

The Remote Control Hulk Smash Vehicle has everything you would expect from an RC and much more. The green humanoid monster sets on top of the vehicle with his massive arms ready to smash anything in its way. In fact, this unique superhero car can flip, spin, and even do wheelies.

  • Remote controlled
  • Offers various ways to play
  • Red button delivers Hulk's signature tornado spin for 10-seconds
  • Goes through obstacles, knocks stuff over
  • Features 10 Hulk phrases and sounds
  • Won't stop when tipped over and ran into walls
  • Controller with joystick to control vehicle

Let's Take a Better Look

Hulk's Swinging Arms

Hulk's arms are massive and always swinging about. With the Hulk Smash RC, the green superheroes arms will smash through obstacles and knock over anything in its way. Kids will love the opportunity to build different obstacles to test Hulk's strength.

10 Hulk Phrases/Sounds

Not only can you smash things and knock them around, but you can also enjoy the sounds of Hulk when you engage with this toy. Jakks added 10 Hulk phrases/sounds to the remote control car that make pretend play even more authentic. Some of the most familiar phrases including "Hulk Smash" and "Don't Make Hulk Angry" are included.

Doesn't Stop When Tipped

Most remote control cars stop when they run into a wall or obstacle, but not Hulk. Instead, this superhero simply flips himself over and keeps going. If the Hulk vehicle can smash through an obstacle, it will do this instead of simply flipping over.

1 to 8 Different Positions

With 8 different position choices to choose from, you can extend the play of this toy. To see what Hulk can do, simply move his arms in a different position and see what happens.

Is Product a Good Choice for My Child?

If your child is a fan of superheroes or remote control cars, he or she will love the Hulk Smash remote control car. Jakks recommends the toy for children ages 4 to 8-9.

What Other Think About the Hulk Smash Vehicle from Jakks

People who have purchased this unique remote control car in the past have positive things to say about the toy. For one, the flipping action the car completes when it runs into an obstacle is fun to watch and extremely useful as well. Like most remote control cars, the batteries do need to be replaced on a regular basis.

In Summary

The remote control Hulk Smash vehicle is a great toy for boys or girls that love superheroes, remote control cars, or both. For hours of fun, Hulk will smash anything in his way and flip over when he runs into something to tough for him.

Don't get Hulk angry or he'll smash through your playroom, which is exactly what your kids want him to do.

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