Real FX

The future of toy racing is HERE. Let me introduce Real FX - described as 'race cars with artificial intelligence'. Funded by a recent KickStarter campaign, Real FX is going to be one of this year's hottest gifts for Christmas 2015.

Real FX Racing Cars

There are no slots, and a completely customizable track, providing children with hours of thrills and spills. The product has been designed to replicate the fast-paced action of video game racing, and utilizes the latest technology to provide a unique experience for the player.

What are the main features of Real FX AI racing?

  • Radio controlled cars with artificial intelligence - providing a control that's never been achieved before.
  • A fully customizable track with no slots.
  • Video game-like features - providing a fully interactive experience.

Let's take a closer look...

Radio controlled cars with artificial intelligence

Children can play against their friends using high-spec radio controlled cars that whizz around the track. Artificial intelligence can even help your children stay on the track, but they will need to use their skill to overtake other drivers or outwit their opponents. There are a number of obstacles and features as your child progresses around the track, ranging from tire blowouts to pit stops to oil spills, and everything in-between.

A fully customizable track

Unlike other racing tracks, Real FX can be set up in a matter of seconds rather than hours. It really is that simple! There are no slots and children can customize it anyway they like - the choice is completely theirs. The track is lightweight and uses patented '1-Sec-Connect' technology whereby each segment fits into place in less than a second. Children can create a full-size track wherever they like in the home - round chairs, from one room to the next, or under tables.

Video game-like features

Similar to popular racing video games, Real FX will allow your children to play against an opponent without a physical player being in the same room. In fact, they will be able to add a second car to the track, switch its handset to an interactive mode and then race against it. Using artificial intelligence, the vehicle will go around the track and compete against the player - without anyone else being there! Sounds impressive, right?

Is Real FX a good choice for my child?

Ideal for car enthusiasts and thrill seekers, Real FX is car racing with a difference. Children can set up the track in seconds, go around chairs and tables, and play with friends - there are seemingly endless possibilities. The starter track set includes everything you need to get started, including pit lane, starting grid, straights, chicane, and bends.

What do others think about Real FX Race Cars?

As Real FX is a brand new product, it currently has no reviews on


This fast-paced and completely interactive game takes car racing to a whole new level. Using the latest in artificial intelligence technology, Real FX can be played with friends or alongside an opponent without anyone actually being inside the room. Featuring everything from oil spills to tire blowouts around the course, Real FX is the latest in game innovation and will certainly be among the most sought-after and requested toys this Christmas. So what are you waiting for? Get racing!

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