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Families who have kept their own pet fish will know that they are lots of fun, but also lots of work and they don't always live for long.

Saying goodbye to a dead fishy usually results in lots of tears for younger family members. Now with Robo Fish, children can experience all the fun of owning their own pet fish, but without the worry of looking after them and the reassurance that the only thing that will need replacing is their batteries.

Robo Fish are robotic fish that replicate the natural movement of real fish with their realistic tail fin motion.

What are the main features of Robo Fish?

Here is a list of the main features of Robo Fish: 

  • Look realistic and replicate real fish movement
  • Fish only swims when placed in water
  • 5 direction swimming action
  • Available in 8 colourful designs 
  • Fish have their own aquarium with plastic coral and castle pieces
  • Battery operated and completely waterproof
  • Set includes extra cell batteries for each fish 
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and older
  • Not suitable for children aged under 3 years

Watch the Robo Fish Video

Let's take a closer look

How do they work?

Robo Fish need to be dropped into water to make them work. When emerged the fish have a water-activated swimming mechanism which starts off their highly realistic swimming motion. In water their swimming mimics that of a real fish. When finished, Robo Fish need to removed from the water to dry and deactivate.

What's included?

Robo Fish can be purchased as a set which includes a circular plastic tank, one Robo Fish (a clown fish or a shark) and spare batteries. It is possible to purchase Robo Fish separately, this allows children to collect more so they can build up their own colourful bowl of fishes. There are orange, pink, blue and lime Robo Fish available. For those children who would like a bit of danger, there are also 4 Robo Sharks available in black, green, blue or red. It's more exciting to see lots of fish swimming, so it's best to have at least two or three Robo Fish.

Are Robo Fish a good toy for my child?

This is the perfect gift for children who would like to own their own pet fish. Children will love watching the Robo Fish swim around their tank and be amazed at how these robotic fish realistically replicate the movements of real fish. With Robo Fish, children can enjoy all the fun of a pet fish without having to worry about water temperature, feeding or the fish dying.

What do other customers think?

There have already been lots of positive reviews on Robo Fish:

"My daughter asked for this for her 7th Birthday. I wasn't sure but I was pleasantly surprised. She has 2 fish in one bowl and at a glance you would think they were real fish. They only work in the water so no turning on / off is required. The tails flip slowly and then more vigorously just like a real fish! Just take them out of the water, dry them off and they go to sleep! Perfect pets." Ian Cooper, UK

In Summary

Robo Fish would make a fantastic Christmas gift for children of all ages - they make a fun toy or a great accessory for adults (we feel sure that there are lots of adults who would enjoy them!). Robo Fish have made it into Hamley's Top 10 toys for Christmas 2013 in the UK so buy early to avoid disappointment!

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