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Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo by Hasbro

Elmo is a loveable character from the popular children's television programme, Sesame Street. Children will love getting hugs from Elmo.

Elmo is able to move his arms in response to children giving him a hug; he can also play songs, dance and encourage children to interact with a range of fun activities. When it is bedtime, Elmo will sing a gentle lullaby and makes sleepy sounds to help children to drop off to sleep.

What are the main features of Big Hugs Elmo?

  • When children hug Elmo, he will move his arms to hug them back
  • When hugged, Elmo also says a fun phrase or sings a song 
  • Children can dance along with Elmo
  • Elmo plays 3 fun songs which children can sing along to 
  • When laid down, Elmo will sing a lullaby and make sleepy sound effects
  • Elmo has four fun activities which encourage children to pretend play as a rabbit,  astronaut, frog or horse 
  • Elmo is able to say more than 50 phrases, such as "Elmo loves getting a hug from you" 
  • Elmo measures 22" in height
  • Elmo requires 4 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Elmo is suitable for children aged 18 months - 4 years

Let's take a closer look

Elmo gives hugs

Elmo not only loves to get a hug, but he also loves to give them. Little children will love giving Elmo a great big hug and then having him hug them right back!

Elmo can talk, sing and dance

Elmo loves to sing and dance. When he is given a hug he will not only hug back, he will also say a fun phrase or sing a song. Children can press Elmo's left foot to dance along with him as he sings. Elmo is also clever enough to know that he is being held upside down and will say when he is!

Elmo includes 4 fun activities

Children can press Elmo's left foot to join in with 4 fun and imaginative activities which include rabbits, astronauts, frogs or horses. Elmo has over 50 phrases such as, "Let's pretend we're rabbits!" To move from one activity to the next, simply press Elmo's left foot again.

Elmo can sleep

When it is time for a nap or bedtime; simply move the 'sleep/off/play' switch to 'sleep'. After sleep mode is activated, children can lay Elmo down and he will become tired, make sleepy sound effects and sing a gentle lullaby. To wake Elmo, simply press his foot and when it's playtime again, simply move the switch back to 'play'.

Is Big Hugs Elmo a good toy for my child?

Big Hugs Elmo is a fun toy that young children will get hours of entertainment from. However, Elmo is also educational; he can improve children's imaginative skills with his suggestions of pretend play. Elmo can also help to improve children's social skills as he chats away to them encouraging them to interact with him.

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about the Big Hugs Elmo toy, including the following:

"My 2 year old is over the moon with Big Hugs Elmo. As soon as we received him, Elmo was chatting away to my son and they became best friends overnight. My son has had a lot of fun hugging, singing and dancing with Elmo. In fact, he has taken such a shining to Big Hugs Elmo, that we now have to take him everywhere and we even have to tuck him in with my son every night! I highly recommend Big Hugs Elmo!"

In Summary

We predict that Big Hugs Elmo is going to be hugely popular this Christmas 2013. He is very cute and loveable and with his high level of interaction, he will make a chatty companion for lots of children.

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