Shopkins Shoppies Smoothie Truck

If your little one collects the Shopkins range of figurines, you may be interesting in purchasing the Shopkins Shoppies Smoothie Truck playset. This fun playset is recommended for children aged 5+ and is sure to be a hit with young girls aged 5-12. 

Shopkins Shoppies Smoothie Truck Image

What are the main features of the Shopkins Smoothie Truck?

  • Features a fun, smoothie truck 
  • Includes two unique Shopkins figurines 
  • Compatible with all Shopkins figurines
  • Includes two handy stools and a blender 
  • Includes a VIP card, which can be used with the Shopkins app

Let's take a closer look:

1. Includes two unique Shopkins figurines

The Smoothie Truck playset comes with two smoothie or fruit themed Shopkins figurines. So if you're looking to purchase your child their very first Shopkins playset, you won't have to worry about having to purchase starter figurines. 

2. Compatible with all Shopkins figurines

As each Shopkins figurine is roughly the same size, all of your child's Shopkins figurines will fit inside their Shopkins Smoothie Truck. If you purchase new Shopkins figurines in the future, they'll also fit into the Shoppies Smoothie Truck.

3. Features a fun, smoothie truck

The Shopkins Smoothie Truck is large enough to house a large handful of Shopkins figurines and can even be used as a storage box for your child's Shopkins collection of figurines. Best of all, the Shopkins truck's wheels actually move, so your child will be able to push their truck around their bedroom. 

4. Includes a VIP card, which can be used with the Shopkins app

If you have a smart phone or tablet, make sure to download the Shopkins World! application as this particular playset comes with an exclusive VIP card. Each VIP card contains a unique code, which you can key into your Shopkins World! application in order to unlock additional content such as fun games.

Is the Shopkins Shoppies Smoothie Truck a good choice for my child?

Yes, if your child is a huge fan of Shopkins play sets, they'll love adding the Shopkins Smoothie Truck to their growing Shopkins collection. This play set is incredibly unique as it can be wheeled around and is a highly interactive play set. 

What do others think about the Shopkins smoothie themed truck?

Parents rave about how spacious the Shopkins smoothie truck is. Eliza, a Californian mom of two young girls, was pleasantly surprised when she discovered that the Shopkins smoothie truck could fit some of daughters' smaller dolls as well as their Shopkins figurines. Pete, a father from Texas, raves about the Shopkins Shoppies Truck and commented on how his daughter Tess, even takes her Shopkins playset to her grandparents house as it's her favorite toy. 

In Summary:

If you're looking for the perfect surprise for a Shopkins mad kid, you simply can't go wrong ordering the Shopkins Shoppies Smoothie Truck. Alternatively, if your little one has been begging you for their first Shopkins playset, the Shopkins Smoothie Truck also makes a brilliant starter play set as it comes with two adorable smoothie or fruit themed Shopkins figurines. Better yet, the Shopkins Shoppies Truck can also double as a storage container for your child's growing Shopkins collection of adorable figurines. 

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