Skate & Sing Elsa

Disney's Frozen is one of the biggest cultural phenomenons in recent years, and has generated everything from books to games. However, this Christmas, there will be only one toy on the wish lift of Frozen fans up and down the country.

The Skate & Sing Elsa proves that this move still hasn't gone out of fashion, and this remote-controlled doll will provide hours of enjoyment for any little one.

Skate and Sing Elsa Toy

Elsa can glide, turn, spin, and even sing! Children will love directing Elsa with the provided remote control and can recreate scenes from the movie.

What are the main features of the Elsa Ice Skating Doll?

  • Sings the hit song Let It Go
  • Batteries included
  • Elsa skates and glides - controlled by an easy-to-use remote control
  • Elsa's arms and legs move in an ice-skating form.

Let's take a closer look..

Sings the hit song Let It Go

It's one of the biggest songs of recent years, having sold millions of copies and performed by little girls everywhere. If your child loves Let It Go, they will be able to hear Elsa sing it when she skates on the ice. Elsa is wearing the famous blue dress just like the movie, and the detailing on the doll is amazing.

Elsa skates and glides

A remote control is provided to guide Elsa who glides and spins as if she's really ice skating. This product is ideal for children who are aged four and up, and includes everything you need to get started. There's even a battery included - saving you money.

Elsa's arms and legs move

When children use the remote control, Elsa moves her arms and legs as if she was really on ice! Little girls in particular will be able to recreate famous scenes from the movie - especially when Elsa skates off to celebrate the end of winter. Your children can re-enact the script or create their own scenarios for Elsa.

Is Skate & Sing Elsa a good choice for my child?

Yes! The Elsa doll is easy to use and will spark your child's imagination - especially if they are a fan of the original movie. Just attach Elsa to the base, and use the remote control to watch her glide in an ice-skating fashion. There are two buttons on the remote control - 'Go' and 'Turn' - which will allow your child to control the direction of Elsa.

What do others thing of the Elsa Skating Frozen Doll?

This product is brand new for Christmas 2015 and doesn't have any customer reviews on at the moment. We expect this will change soon as this doll becomes one of the most-sought after of the festive season.


There's plenty of Frozen merchandise available if your children are a fan of this huge movie, but the Elsa Skating Doll provides them with an interactive experience. They will be able to watch Elsa glide and turn as if she's on the ice - similar to scenes in the famous movie. But that's not all. Elsa can sing the song Let It Go, which featured in Frozen. Everything you need is included with the doll such as the base, remote control, and batteries.

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