Skyrocket Toys' Chocolate Pen

Did you know that the Skyrocket Toys’ Candy Craft Chocolate Pen is an amazing product for kids over six years? With this motorized and one-of-a-kind pen, your children can create colorful chocolates in different designs.

While this pen makes for a great Christmas gift, it’s apt for kids who love baking and making desserts. So, if your kids love coming up with different variations of their favorite desserts, then this Chocolate Pen is so amazing that they will fall in love with it instantly.

Chocolate Pen toy

With awesome accessories like candy molds and gift bags, your child can be the next chocolate connoisseur!

Main Features of Candy Craft Chocolate Pen by Skyrocket Toys

  • This amazing chocolate pen does not require baking at all times
  • Easy and safe to use for children
  • Works on two AA batteries that lasts longer
  • Easy to load the pen with chocolate
  • The set design freezes in minutes after it is kept in the freezer
  • Different colors of the chocolate makes the product interesting
  • You can make a variety of unique chocolate designs
  • Chocolate refill pouches are also available easily
  • Easily available on online stores
  • Pen works smooth and chocolate flows out very quickly

Let's take a closer look at this Chocolate Pen

No Baking Necessary

After your children have created all those amazing designs with chocolates, they will not have to bake the chocolates every time.

They can simply keep them in the refrigerator for a few minutes or at room temperature. The chocolates will harden quickly and will be ready to eat within a blink of an eye. It is quick, easy and yummy!

Variety of Options

With Skyrocket Toys Chocolate Pen, you’ll get four tubes of chocolate, 50 candy molds, four chocolate tips and a few exciting gift bags.

The various shapes that your children can make chocolates include guitar, key, cone, ice-cream, dolphin, strawberry, face, penguin, flower, lips, rainbow, butterfly and many more! Doesn’t it sound fantastic?

Your children will definitely enjoy making so many different shapes and can also be occupied for the entire day. A perfect gift for the holiday season!

Colorful Chocolates

The amazing chocolate pen is not only about different shapes, but your children can also use different-colored chocolates. This crafty pen is available in brown, white, blue and pink chocolate.

In fact, the colored refill kit comes with two additional colors of green and yellow. It is super amazing, no doubt and you will hardly find these yummy colorful chocolates anywhere else!

Safe to Use

If you are worried about the safety of your children using this pen, then you can use it yourself to see how it works too.

You’ll see that it is a simple motorized pen that works smoothly and has been designed especially for children.

Is the Skyrocket Toys’ Chocolate Pen a good choice for my child?

The chocolate pen has been tailored keeping in mind the safety and liking of small children. So, it makes it a perfect choice to inculcate creativity and fun in children.

What do others think about product name variation?

Parents who have already used it find the pen to be very easy to handle. Their kids are able to make various chocolate drawings and can use it without any assistance.

A stay-at-home-mom who recently used this pen says that the product comes with detailed instructions and pictures that even if you’re using it for the first time, you’re not entirely lost. It’s that easy to handle!

She felt that it’s a great way of spending quality time with her kids!

In Summary

The Chocolate Pen by Skyrocket Toys is safe, easy and interesting to use. If you have not bought it yet, it’s about time you make your children’s Christmas special and memorable with this unique gift!

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