Star Wars Spinning Lightsaber

If your little one is obsessed with Star Wars and has always dreamed of wielding their very own light saber, you may be interested in purchasing the Star Wars Spinning Lightsaber.

This lightsaber features spinning blades as well as realistic sound effects and bright lights.

Star Wars Spinning Lightsaber Image

What are the main features of the Spinning Lightsaber?

  • Can be extended so that it's 4 feet long
  • Lights up, like the lightsabers that you know and love
  • Spins just like General Grevious' infamous lightsaber 
  • Can be dissembled to use as two separate lightsabers 
  • Boasts a variety of fun sound effects

Let's take a closer look

Lights up, like the lightsabers that you know and love 

When your kid presses their lightsaber's power button, their lightsaber will immediately light up and illuminate the room with either a green or a blue neon light. If your kid swings their light saber when it's folded up, it will beam, so that it appears to be recharging. 

Can be disassembled to use as two separate lightsabers

If your kid frequently has friends over to your house to play or has a Star Wars mad sibling, you'll love that the Star Wars General Grievous Lightsaber can be disassembled to be used as two separate light sabers. A blue lightsaber and a green lightsaber. Talk about value for money. Better yet, when both lightsabers are attached to each other, your child's spinning lightsaber will be four feet long.

Spins just like General Grevious' infamous lightsaber

If you're a fan of the Clone Wars, you'll remember how General Grievous' lightsaber would spin like a propeller. Incredibly this lightsaber spins the same way. However, if you're concerned about your child's safety, don't worry whilst this particular lightsaber is constructed of sturdy plastic, the blades are soft enough, that your child won't get hurt whilst dueling their siblings and friends.

Boasts a variety of fun sound effects 

When your kid first powers their light saber on, they'll be treated to the sounds of their lightsaber powering up. When your child moves their lightsaber through the air, their light saber will play swooshing sounds. When your child's lightsaber comes into contact with another object, such as another lightsaber it will play a realistic crackling sound.

Is the Star Wars Spinning Lightsaber a good choice for my child?

Yes, the Spinning Lightsaber makes an ideal gift for any Star Wars obsessed child. Or adult for that matter! If you're looking to purchase a sturdy, lightsaber that can stand hours of being used to duel, you can't go wrong purchasing this product. Better yet, unlike your basic lightsaber it spins, lights up and plays a variety of sound effects.

What do others think of the Spinning Lightsaber?

Anne, a mom of a 7 year old boy, raves about the Electronic Spinning Lightsaber and confessed to playing with it, when her son wasn't looking. Eric, a dad of two boys, loves how this particular model can be separated into two light saber as it means that his sons don't fight over their Spinning Lightsaber. Olivia, a grandmother of two twins, raves about how sturdy her gift to her grandchildren is.

In summary:

There's no need to look any further, if you're searching for the perfect Star Wars themed gift for a loved one, you can't go wrong opting to purchase the Star Wars Spinning Lightsaber. Which is one of the most realistic lightsaber toys on the market.

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