Teksta the Robotic Puppy

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Children everywhere will fall in love with Teksta, the robotic puppy this Christmas. This cute little canine has been updated from the 1990's model. The new Teksta puppy is highly interactive with modern sensors and artificial intelligence to make him (or her?) cleverer than ever before!

The Teksta puppy will make a perfect gift for children wanting their own pet dog and parents will be pleased to know that he is friendly, clean and very easy to look after!

What are the main features of Teksta the Robotic Puppy?

Here is a list of the main features of the Teksta Robotic Puppy: 

  • Over 100 physical and interactive play features
  • Includes iPad app interaction
  • Responds to voice, gestures, lights and sounds
  • Includes new hand gesture technology
  • Includes bone and ball accessories
  • Available in pink or blue 
  • Puppy requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Bone requires LR44 (AG13) batteries (included)
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years and older
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years

Watch the Teksta Video

Let's take a closer look

Highly interactive

Teksta the robotic puppy is highly interactive -  his eyes light up in different displays and colours to portray his different emotions. Teksta can bark, wag his tail and move his ears. His mouth is magnetic so he can interact with his bone accessory. He will respond to touch, voice and hand gestures, lights and sounds. He has an auto stop function to ensure he doesn't keep crashing into objects.

Teksta has modern touch sensors to create a realistic pet experience for children and touching different parts of his body will change his personality and mode.

Sound recognition means Teksta can understand and react to many spoken commands as well as dance when music is played.

Artificial Intelligence

Another one of Teksta's new features is his increased ability to learn some clever tricks. Using new hand gesture technology, children command Teksta to stop and sit and even teach him to perform a back flip! Children simply wave their arm upwards and say "flip" and he will do a complete somersault, landing on his feet.

Teksta also cleverly knows what time of day it is and will fall asleep in the evening and wake up in the morning.

Compatible with iPad App

There's a Teksta app available on the iPad which can be used to control the his eyes, barks and movements, and also feed him virtual snacks.
The app will allow you control Teksta in a various ways; children can play music on the iPad to watch him dance.

There's also a FaceTime-like option to allow children to communicate with him remotely. If a tune is played on the app's keyboard, Teksta will bark it back as a robotic song!

Is Teksta the Robotic Puppy a good toy for my child?

Yes, especially for those who would like their own pet to care for. With Teksta, children can enjoy the companionship and playfulness of a real pet but without all the care.

What do other customers think?

Teksta the Robotic Puppy will be not be released in the UK until August 2013 so there are currently no customer reviews available.

In Summary

Teksta the Robotic Puppy is going to make a lovely pet for lots of little boys and girls this Christmas. It has made it into Hamley's Top 10 toys for Christmas 2013 in the UK so we expect it to be hugely popular.

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