Fisher Price Thomas Shipwreck Rails Playset

The Fisher Price Thomas Shipwreck Rails Playset is inspired by the DVD Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure. Thomas the Train fans, choo choo train fans, and Track Master fans will all love this interactive play set. In the film, Thomas is exploring an underground cavern when he unexpectedly discovers a shipwreck.

Thomas Shipwreck Rails image

Convinced that a lost treasure is most likely aboard, Thomas sets out to find it. The Track Master playset mimics Thomas' journey in the DVD and leaves kids excited to find hidden treasure.

Main Features of Track Master's Thomas Shipwreck Rails Playset

In this huge playset, Thomas goes on an epic adventure that is sure to have kids jumping and squealing with joy. The train set allows Thomas to climb a steep incline, cross a suspended track, and even plunge down a huge hill and hang upside down in a spiral turn. If all of the above is done correctly, Thomas will be able to catch the hidden treasure in his cargo piece.

  • Full track layout
  • Treasure cargo piece included
  • Pirate ship
  • Large size for interactive play
  • Motorized Thomas train with cargo car
  • Expandable
  • Auto-reset button
  • Let's Take a Closer Look
  • Auto-Reset Button

The Thomas Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure playset allows for hours of uninterrupted play thanks to its auto-reset button. With this button, Thomas will just keep going and going and going.


Like all Track Master train sets from Fisher Price, the Thomas playset is expandable. The ability to expand the playset means you can add even more of Thomas' friends for exyended fun. Adding more rails to the train set allows you to create higher hills and faster speeds, which will thrill kids and makes sure the set will grow with your child.

2-Feet Tall, 6-Feet Long

Fisher Price makes toys that get kids moving, and the Thomas Shipwreck Playset is a great example of their train sets. At 2-feet tall and 6-feet long, the Thomas and Friends toy will get your kids moving while playing. When kids walk from end to end and stand or crouch to watch Thomas make his way along the rails, they will get moving, which helps with overall body balance.

Delivers Visual and Tactile Stimulation

Playing with this Track Master train set is actually good for your child. Fisher Price's use of bright lights, colors, and textures stimulates children's visual and tactile stimulation.

Is Thomas Sodor's Legend Train Set a Good Choice for My Child?

Boys and girls of all ages love Thomas and friends, but this interactive train set is not a perfect match for all kids. Due to the use of small parts, the train playset is best for kids 6+.

What do Others Think About Fisher Price Thomas the Train Playset?

Overall the Fisher Price Thomas the Train playset has great reviews on Amazon. Moms that have purchased the train set for their children praise the craftsmanship of the toy and love the fact the train parts are labeled on the bottom for easy assembly. The only beef with the toy was that the Thomas train only makes it around the spiral, upside down turn about 50% of the time.

In Summary

If your child likes trains, adventures, and hidden treasure, the Fisher Price Thomas Shipwreck Rails Playset is a great match. The Track Master Thomas the Friend's toy will take your child on an adventure through an underground railroad and leave them busy for hours.

Introduce your kids to mystery and suspense while engaging their senses when you add this Fisher Price rail set to your playroom.

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