FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin' Dragon

If your son or daughter has a soft spot for magical creatures, they'll love FurReal Friends Torch My Blazin' Dragon, a furry, lovable toy which responds to touch with sound and motion. Torch can even "breathe fire", talk about an exciting party trick!

 Torch My Blazin' Dragon image

What are the main features of Torch My Blazin' Dragon?

  • Responds to touch with over 50 unique sound and motion combinations
  • It comes packaged with a marshmallow treat, which changes color
  • It breathes "fire" (Don't worry, it's not real fire :-) )
  • Runs off four standard C sized alkaline batteries

Let's take a closer look:

Responds to touch with over 50 unique sound and motion combinations

Torch the Blazin' Dragon makes a wide array of noises. As examples it will snort, grunt, coo, sneeze and sigh, depending on the mood that it's in. Your child is sure to love when Torch snores during naptime. Better yet Torch is also able to move his or her head and has a variety of adorable expressions, that your child is sure to fall in love with.

It breathes "fire"

One of FurReal Blazin' Dragon's most innovative selling points is that it breathes "fire". Torch comes packaged with a little water tank, which you'll need to fill up. The water tank then expels a mist like steam, which appears red, due to back lighting. This little bit of "magic" makes it appear as if your child's new pet is breathing fire. This is one trick, that your children, will never tire of and will want to show off, to all of their friends.

It comes packaged with a marshmallow treat, which changes color 

When your child "feeds" Torch, his or her marshmallow on a stick, it will change color from white to brown, as Torch "toasts" his marshmallow.

Runs off four standard C sized alkaline batteries 

After placing four standard C sized alkaline batteries in your son or daughter's FurReal friend, their pet dragon will be able to "breath fire", toast "marshmallows" and move and make sounds, just like a regular pet. 

Is FurReal Friend's Torch my Blazin' Dragon a good choice for my child?

Yes, if your child loves magical creatures, such as dragons, they'll be sure to carry Torch with them everywhere they go. You can also be sure that your child will get years worth of entertainment from their new toy as Torch has been designed to be incredibly interactive, just like a real pet.

What do others think about Torch my Blazin' Dragon?

Adults and kids alike are wowed by Torch's ability to breathe fire and toast marshmallows. There's no other product, quite like Torch, on the market. Terri, brought her daughter Belle a Blazin' Dragon for her birthday and was just as delighted as her daughter to see that Torch could indeed breathe fire and that Torch's fire breathing wasn't just a marketing ploy. Terri also mentioned that her daughter sleeps with her new pet every night and carries it around with her everywhere she goes, even the local library. 

In summary:

Torch my Blazin' Dragon may very well be the most exciting FurReal Friend on the market as how many other children's toys can "breathe fire". If you're looking for an exciting toy, which is sure to captivate your child's imagination, you simply can't go wrong adding Torch the Blazin' Dragon to your family!

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