Toys R Us Top Christmas Toys for 2015

The gaming world has never been as great as this. Toys R Us has released a sizzling list of great new toys for the coming festive season. The Hot Toy List was compiled by the company's toy experts after analysis of the current trends.

Toys R Us Christmas Toys Image

Experts say Barbie dolls and Star Wars gadgets are likely to make the most sales. Frozen's Elsa toys kicked Barbie off the lead last year, but this time Barbie is reclaiming her position, riding on her new gorgeous looking, Saddle N' Ride Horse. The computer game Lego Guitar Hero will also see a great demand.

Barbie is Back!

Last year, toys from the Disney film, Frozen, made it to the top of the charts, with 20% of parents purchasing Elsa dolls. This time, according to the Toys R Us experts, the pink and purple Barbie Saddle N' Ride Horse, will be among the 15 top ranking toys of the festive season.

Barbie Saddle and Ride Toy

Christmas is truly coming in style, it's amazing to see how Barbie swings on the horse at the push of a button while appropriately dressed in a cow girl's attire. This will leave kids mesmerized and wishfully thinking of swapping places with Barbie on the horse's back. This toy will go for $ 44.99.

Star Wars and Droids

Predicted to sell out quickly this year, are two Star Wars Toys - R2D2 the Interactive Robotic and the Blade builders Jedi Master Lightsaber. The latter will cost $ 44.99 while for the former, the price is still unknown. Talk about toys actually coming to life, the R2-D2 Interactive Robotic Droid can be commanded to walk in all directions, a feature that is pretty cool.

Star Wars R2D2 Toy

For Younger Kids Too

Younger kids are definately not left out this year. The Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance and Move BeatBo, going for $ 37.99 will get toddlers dancing and really excited. The toy has colorful buttons on the tummy and feet, which serve as command points, instructing the toy to move, dance and sing.

Fischer Price Smart Toy Bear Image

The Fisher-Price Smart Toy Bear will offer younger kids some interactive playing experience. This bear is really great, it has a speech recognition feature that can recall the kid's name, hobbies and other favorite things. Of course, that's after it has been fed with the information in the first place.This toy will retail at $ 99.99.

Other Toys On The List

Other toys on the list are the Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex which will go for $ 94.99, the Journey Girls 2015 Italy Holiday Doll-Giovanna, which will sell for $ 49.99 and the Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie, also going for $ 49.99.

Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Image

The Disney Junior Doc McStuffins Take Care of Me Lambie is one doll that will make you laugh. The doll comes with apparatus that resemble a doctor's toolkit, which kids can use to diagnose the doll. The doll actually suggests what might be bothering it, encouraging kids to interact and make a diagnosis!

Something For The Gamers

As usual. computer games are expected to do well this year. Guitar Hero Live for the PlayStation and Xbox and Lego Dimensions, will both retail at $ 99.99.

Lego Dimensions Computer Game Image

The most costly toy on the list taps into the creative faculties of young minds, it is the Meccano MeccaNoid G15. It will sell for $ 179.99 and will be a favorite amongst young aspiring engineers, because it allows childrens to assemble and disassemble a Meccano robot in creative ways. There is also a taller version G15 KS version which goes for $ 399.99.

The cheapest toy on the other hand will be the Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset, which includes an elevator, changing room and slide. It will retail at $ 34.99.

Shopkins Fashion Boutique Playset

A Research Based Toy List

In a recent press release, Toys R Us said that it takes months of research and experimentation with many toys before completing their annual Top Toy List, which serves as a valuable tool for parents buying toys, or gifts for their children during the festive season.

The Hot List released for Holiday includes the following toys:

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