Toys R Us Top Christmas Toys for 2016

What better way to spread some cheer this Christmas than by buying a toy for a child. But what toy should you purchase?

Not only do you want to surprise the kid, but there are thousands of toys from which to choose. Well, the following is a list of must-have toys, which Toys R' Us, believe will be extremely popular among kids this Christmas season.

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The list includes a wide selection of tech toys, familiar film characters like minions, to picks from the classic LEGO brand, whose prices range from the £20 Shopkins Trucks to Chip, a £200 Robotic Dog.

Coming from the leading toy store in Britain, there is no doubt that your child will be thrilled by any of the following fourteen toys.

Chip Robot Dog

Who doesn't love cute puppies? It is therefore not surprising for Chip the robotic dog to be a favorite toy this Christmas. The tech toy looks fabulous and can mimic most actions of a real pup.

For instance, you can teach Chip to do tricks using voice commands, a smartphone app, or tablet app. You can also play fetch with him via his SmartBall, and even get him to follow you from place to place using the SmartBand.

When Chip gets tired, you just recharge him on his Smarted. This remarkable toy retails at £199.99, which is a bargain considering all the joy it brings.

Furby Connect

Get your child this £99 furry toy and watch them get enthralled by Furby's animated world. This cute companion can simulate more than 150 facial expressions and guarantees to provide your child with endless fun and laughter.

Also, through the Furby Connect World App, your child can gain access to many fun games and exciting videos.

LEGO Friends Party Shop

Kids naturally love make-believe-games, which explains why this £24.99 classic LEGO brand Toy is still popular. The 176 piece LEGO Friends Party shop is an excellent Christmas gift for immersing your child into the colorful Heartlake Party Shop.

LEGO Ninjago Samurai X Cave Chaos

For £94.99, you can offer your kids, countless hours of fun learning about creativity and battle strategy with this LEGO Ninjago Samurai X Cave Chaos set.

Some of the exciting stuff he or she will do include, gearing up for combat at the underground desert hidey-hole, building jet planes in the futuristic inventor Launchpad as well as assembling the Samurai-X bike.

Minion Pie Face

If you thought last year's Pie Face game was a blast, wait until you see how it looks this year. The game has undergone a brilliant makeover, to give it an exciting new minion theme.

Even though this toy yet to hit the shelves, shoppers are eagerly holding their breaths for it. The game guarantees both you and your children plenty of face smacking fun.

Nerf Tri Strike

Your children will not get tired of the Nerf Tri Strike dart blaster. It offers three distinct blasting modes thanks to its three blasters namely the Elite dart, Mega dart, and the missile launcher.

Your child can combine all these configurations or use them separately to launch his or her arsenal to enjoy different dart blasting missions.

Num Noms Glossy Lip Gloss Truck

For a cent shy of thirty dollars, you can get your little princess, the Num-Noms truck. She will delight in designing her makeup, such as flavored lip gloss, which she can store in cute sundae containers and proudly display on the ice cream themed truck for all to see.

Paw Parol Air Patroller

An exciting addition to the must-have Christmas toys list is the Paw Patrol Air Patroller set. Themed after the exciting Nick junior Paw Patrol series, the toy guarantees much fun for your young ones to recreate their favorite Paw Patrol adventures.

Besides producing real lights and sounds, the plane can easily transform from a plane into a helicopter and vice versa. Lastly, the plane has a spacious cockpit and cargo bay in which your child can load his or her pups.

Selfie Mic

If you have a budding musician in the house, without a doubt, the Selfie Mic is the ideal Christmas gift. Thanks to its free StarMaker App, the Selfie Mic provides the perfect medium for your child to rehash and sing along to pop musical tracks from renowned artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, Ed Sheeran, Little Mix, Ariana Grande among others.

Your kid can also use the toy to record his or her music videos and share with friends and family members.

Shopkins Shoppies Smoothie Truck

Shopkins Shoppies are a range of cute fun, popular dolls, and playset that promise to bring life and excitement to your child's life.

The colorful set includes a Shoppies smoothie truck, two particular Shopkins characters, two stools, one blender and a VIP card for your child to use with the free Shokins App.

An added advantage of the Smoothie truck is that it is compatible with every Shoppies dolls, making it fun and convenient for your child to drive them around.

Star Wars Spinning Lightsaber

Help you child realize his or her dream of becoming a real hero of the dark side, with this Star Wars Bladebuilder Spinning Action Lightsaber.

Your child can combine this Spin Action lightsaber with other, lightsabers in the Bladebuilder collection and even flick it to extend the electronic lightsaber and have unimaginable fun reenacting different moves from the hit series

Thomas Sky High Bridge Set

Surprise your child with one of the largest Thomas and Friends playset measuring over three feet tall and eight feet long. He or she will have pulsating moments racing Thomas under the bridge, past two flags and down the ramp and at times flying two feet through the air.

He or she will also have fun helping Harold the helicopter, execute amazing high flying stunts. This captivating set includes the motorized Thomas train, Harold, a cargo hopper, freight pieces, full layout track as well as a bridge jump and ramp.

You child will adore this gift especially if he or she loves building things.

Toys R' Us Unicorn

Another brilliant Christmas toy is the super cuddly soft 45” Unicorn. Your young ones will love having this giant soft toy around. The toy is super furry, versatile and has beautiful sparkling eyes, making it the ideal playtime and bedtime companion.

Your child can hug it, ride on it or even use it as a bedtime pillow.

Trolls Hug Time Poppy

If your child loved the animated film Trolls, without a doubt he or she will find this toy a real treat. He or she will have unlimited fun time playing with their kind of Hug Time Poppy doll, the main star of the film.

Just like the Minion Pie-face game, shoppers are eagerly waiting for the Trolls Hug Time Poppy to turn up on store shelves.


From the above list, it is evident why these toys are a must-have Christmas gifts and why you must include at least one or more of them in your Christmas shopping list.

Fortunately Toys R' Us have thoughtfully introduced the 'Take Time to Pay' layaway scheme. Under this plan, you select your present and only pay 20% of the full price, and then spread the outstanding cost over a period of twelve weeks. It adds convenience to your Christmas shopping since it provides you with more time to make the purchase.

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