Chomp and Stomp transformer

Transformer Chomp and Stomp Robot

Fans of the Transformers will enjoy creating their own battles with the new Chomp and Stomp Grimlock robot. This new Transformer is the leader of the Dinobots and the largest figure released.

What are the main features of the Transformer Chomp and Stomp Robot?

  • 20 inch Grimlock robot
  • Converts from robot to T-Rex dinosaur in one simple step
  • Includes an Optimus Prime figure 
  • Includes light-up eyes and pop-out weapons 
  • Figure activates different sounds, lights and weapons
  • Compatible with Power Battlers and One-Step Changers figures
  • Suitable for children aged 4 years and older

Let's take a closer look

Highlights of the Chomp and Stomp robot

The Chomp and Stomp Grimlock robot is a giant Transformer measuring 20 inches. He is able to convert from a robot to a fearsome T-Rex dinosaur with light up eyes and a chomping jaw in one simple step. Sounds are activated by pushing down on the handle, or by pressing the button hidden in the dinosaur's jaws. Included with the robot is an Optimus Prime figure which when placed on the back of the robot will activate an array of sounds, lights and weapons.

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Largest Dinobot figure

The Chomp and Stomp Grimlock is the Dinobot leader and a warrior known for his strength and destruction. The Transformer stands 20 inches tall, making it the largest Dinobot figure ever released.

Converts in one easy step

Just like you will have seen in the television adverts, the Chomp and Stomp Grimlock figure is able to convert from a robot into a T-Rex dinosaur quickly and easily in one simple step. To convert the figure from T-Rex mode, simply grab the handle, squeeze the button and pull to change to robot mode and do the same to change it back to a dinosaur.

Optimus Prime figure

Included with the Chomp and Stomp robot is an Optimus Prime figure. Optimus Prime is able to ride into battle on the back of the Dinobot. When the Optimus Prime figure is placed on the Dinobot's back, sounds, light-up eyes and pop-out weapons are activated. This feature also works with other Age of Extinction figures, including Power Battlers and 1-Step Changers figures. The Stomp and Chomp Grimlock figure is able to recognise which figure is on its back and activate different sounds, lights and weapons.

Is the Chomp and Stomp robot a good toy for my child?

Little children will enjoy letting their imaginations run wild when their create their own Transformers battles with the giant Chomp and Stomp figure that converts from robot to dinosaur and back in one easy step. They can choose which mode they put him in for the best Transformers action. This toy will encourage independent play and help to develop young imaginations.

What do other customers think?

The Chomp and Stomp robot has already received positive feedback as shown in the review below:

"This huge transformer gets the thumbs from me! I love the lights and sounds and the fact that the transformation is very simple, which is great for young children." Derek, UK

In Summary

Transformers fans everywhere will love this huge robot with his sword that's ready to take on any enemy. If you know of a Transformers fan who would love the Chomp and Stomp robot this Christmas then we would recommend purchasing early as it is tipped to be a bestseller and we predict it will be flying off the shelves.

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