Trolls Hug Time Poppy

The Trolls Hug Time Poppy is an adorable, colorful, and loveable princess, which delivers the ultimate light and music Trolls experience. It has been fitted with a wearable bracelet, specifically for the girl.

Trolls Hug Time Poppy Image

This bracelet interacts with the Trolls Time Poppy. The poppy is 14 inches tall, while speaking more than 25 phrases, when pressed. This doll can even play music from the films, keeping your little princess entertained throughout the holidays.

The doll can be rocked back and forth, making it appear as if she is dancing to the beats. Your kid can also style her hair using the included combs, thus getting fun-shaped hair decorations. 

 Main features 

  • Plays music and speaks more than 25 phrases 
  • Huggable plush body
  • Signature, colorful hair
  • Interactive bracelet

A Closer Look 

Music Playback 

The Trolls Time Poppy has the ability of playing music from your favorite movies, as well as speaking more than 25 phrases. You can rock her back and forth, making her appear as if she is singing to the beats of the song.

She sings from her heart, and voice is melodious and sweet as always. She can speak more than 25 phrases. These phrases have been picked from different aspects of life.

They will keep your little one entertained and engaged, the entire Christmas period. You just need to press her tummy and she will speak out more phrases. 

Huggable Plush Body 

With a huggable plush body, it is time to get ready for lots of hugs. The body has been crafted with soft and velvety materials, to give your young princess a comfortable hug. Your little one can rock this hug time poppy, as she imagines scenes from a movie.

The materials used to make the plush body, are friendly. You can be sure that your kid will not suffer from allergies or such complications. 

Signature Colorful Hair 

If your kid is all about fashion, then this is the perfect doll for her. She can change the doll’s hairstyle in different formats, just the way she wants. The styling comb is included in the packaging, which is provided with the Trolls Hug Time Poppy.

There are endless ways for your princess to style her hair, in order to achieve fun-shaped decorations. Let your little one unless her styling within, with this doll. 

Interactive Bracelet

An interactive bracelet is also included, when you purchase this doll. The wearable Troll Time Puppy bracelet lets your girl interact with the doll. Once it has been activated, both the hair and the bracelet light up, to the sound of the music. This produces a very colorful combination, of amazing sound and colorful hair. 

Is it recommended? 

This bracelet is recommended for kids who are in the age of 4 and above. It is a good choice for your kids, as it will keep them entertained, throughout the holidays. This doll lifts your kid, as well as everyone else with positivity and fun. However, it should not be sold to children below three years, due to choking hazards. 

Customer Reviews 

Customers, who have used this Hug Time Poppy, recommend it even for older kids. it promotes social interaction, emotional and social intelligence, as well as enhancing knowledge with gadgets.

Bottom Line 

The Trolls Hug Time Poppy encourages creative and imaginative activities for your kids. It gives your little princess a chance to capture their spirit of adventure. It also helps her to nurture her music skills, as she grows up. It is time for your little princess to enjoy a hug.

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