VTech Ultimate Raceway

The VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC Speedway is a multi-faceted car-themed toddler toy featuring many moving parts. The Go! Go! Ultimate Raceway is educational, interactive, and most of all, fun. The VTech Raceway play set encourages hand and eye coordination, puzzle-like strategy, and motor skills for toddlers ages one through five.

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Main Features

Main Features of Go! Go! Ultimate Raceway include a Steering wheel remote for toddlers to interact with the raceway by driving cars around the track and through various SmartPoint locations.

Educational inclusions to teach letters and encourage creativity for children to build their own raceway with many moving parts.

Add-ons available to make the VTech Speedway a multi-player game for play dates and sibling engagement.

Music, sounds, and lights add electronic sound and sight stimulation, for creative and cognitive growth 9 SmartPoint locations and 8 mechanical features, creative an exciting interactive play experience

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the VTech Speedway Steering Wheel

Steering wheels are great handheld toys for toddlers to build hand eye coordination, especially when acting as a remote to control the cars on the Ultimate Raceway. This interactive feature allows toddlers to control their car on the RC Speedway and see the toy zip around the track as they operate the remote.

Educational Music and Sounds

The racecar and track produce educational sounds and music to teach your toddler to letter R, as well as other car themed sounds and words. The different effects engage multiple senses and encourage creativity.

SmartPoint Locations and Mechanical Features

With 9 SmartPoint locations and 8 additional mechanical features, the VTech Ultimate Raceway never gets old. Your toddler can master the function of one elevator or bridge and move onto the next feeling fulfilled and confident in their playtime. This toy allows your toddler to fully interact and choose how the toy will be played with. Extensive checkpoints and variations allow for the multi-player experience to stay exciting, too.

Add-On Vehicles, Drivers, and Tracks

Besides the various interchangeable tracks, ramps, elevators, flags, switches, and other moveable gears on the Go! Go! Ultimate Speedway, VTech has designed add-ons for multi-player options with extra drivers, cars, and moving parts. Other Smart Wheels toys for purchase include the Lift and Fix Repair Shop, the Train Station Playset, and the Learning Zone Construction Site. The Ultimate Raceway is a great gift option that can be expanded as time goes on.

Is the VTech Ultimate Raceway a Good Toy for My Child?

The VTech Raceway is a highly interactive and fun game for toddlers ages one to five. Some users believe that kids between two and five will appreciate the play set more, because of their increased understanding of the moving parts and ability to operate the remote.

What Do Other Parents Think About VTech Raceway?

Parents and grandparents have raved about their toddler’s play experience with the VTech Raceway. One customer in particular claims, “This is an awesome race car set for a young child or toddler. This particular set has tons going on. It has enough track pieces to just play around and build a simple track. In this particular set each of the really cool pieces will only work with the vTech cars.”

In Summary

If you’re still wondering if the VTech Go! Go! Ultimate Speedway is for your toddler, let’s seal the deal. This toy has gained a near perfect 5-star rating on Amazon because of its incredible variation and ability to educate and entertain your little one. The play set comes on high recommendation from parents and grandparents of toddlers ages one to five. This is not only a great toy, but also a great gift opportunity that can be added to as time goes on.

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