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VIP Pets

The VIP Pets are a range of long haired dog dolls from the Spanish toy comany iMC Toys.

They are aimed at younger girls who will enjoy hours of fun grooming and collecting them. 

What are the main features of
VIP Pets?

Here is a list of the main features of VIP Pets:

  • Each pet has its own personality
  • There are 7 different pets to collect
  • Each pet has long coloured hair, clothing and styling accessories
  • Girls can enjoy styling their pet's hair with the included accessories
  • Girls can enjoy interactive fun at
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and over

Watch the I Love VIP Pets Video

Let's take a closer look

Here we take a quick look at the personality of each VIP Pet:

Gwen - Singer

Gwen has pink hair and is a chart topping singer and guitar player. Gwen comes with a fushia comb, collar, 2 piercings, bandanna and star shaped hair clips.

Juliet - Novelist

Juliet has bright red hair and is a famous writer of romantic novels, she loves stories and some of her own have been made into films. Juliet comes with a pink comb, collar, a hair band with a big bow, ribbons and rollers for decorating her hair.

Taylor - Sports Star

Taylor has blue hair and is a sports star who beat off all the competition in the Olympics. Taylor comes with a blue comb, collar, coloured hair bands and earphones.

Lady Gi Gi - Party Planner

Lady Gi Gi has bright pink hair and is a brilliant party planner and a public relations expert. She is also a great dancer. Lady Gi Gi comes with a turquoise comb, collar, glasses, earrings, star shaped hair clips and decorative hair sticks.

Alex - Fashion Photographer

Alex has orange hair and is a fashion photographer as well as being very clever. All the other VIP Pets turn to Alex for advice. Alex comes with an orange hair comb, collar, glasses, hair band and decorative hair clips.

Nyla - Yoga Teacher

Nyla has brown wavy hair is famous for her yoga classes. Nyla comes with a yellow comb, collar decorative hair beads and tiara.

Tiffany - Jewellery Designer

Tiffany has blond hair is the heiress to the world empire of jewellery and accessories and has is its star designer. She loves to be fashionable and has a stylish and elegant image. Tiffany comes with sunglasses, earrings and hair accessories.

Are VIP Pets a good toy for my child?

If you have a little girl who enjoys grooming and hair styling then they will really love the VIP Pets. Girls can watch VIP Pets hair styling tutorials on the website, then have fun trying them out themselves, before sending in their best pet hair photos to be shown online.

What do other customers think?

There have not yet been any reviews published on the VIP Pets.

In Summary

We feel the VIP Pets will make a lovely gift for young girls this Christmas. We feel sure they will have fun decorating and styling their pet's hair and enjoy interacting with the games, videos and other areas on the website. A great gift which is guaranteed to be popular.

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