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InnoTab 3S by Vtech

Following on from the hugely successful InnoTab 2S and the new InnoTab 3, Vtech have now launched the InnoTab 3S, the new Wi-Fi learning tablet.

The InnoTab 3S is a child friendly, multi-media tablet with updated features including a compact and lightweight design, rotatable 2 mega pixel camera and Wi-Fi features.

Now children have the opportunity to own their very own top of the range tablet, which has educational value as well as providing hours of fun.

What are the main features of the InnoTab 3S?

  • Multimedia touch screen tablet designed for children
  • New lightweight and compact design
  • Includes Wi-Fi access 
  • Improved 180 degrees, 2.0 mega pixel rotating camera / video recorder with photo effects
  • 5 inch colour touch screen
  • Microphone and new D-pad offer more ways to play
  • Includes a G-Sensor for game play
  • Includes an MP3 player
  • Includes an e-reader and story dictionary
  • Includes 4GB memory (this can be expanded to 32GB with micro SD card which is sold separately)
  • Includes a range of interactive and creative activities, games, e-books, apps and more
  • Many more apps available to download
  • Suitable for children aged 3 -9 years 
  • Available in blue and pink
  • Product dimensions: 5.7 x 8.3 x 1 inches

Let's take a closer look

InnoTab 3S, the Wi-Fi learning tablet, allows children a access a range of fun activities, as well as age appropriate learning on their very own tablet.

Wi-Fi access

New to the InnoTab is the inclusion of Wi-Fi access. A secure Wi-Fi connection means safe internet browsing with VTech and parent approved websites. The InnoTab 3S allows parents to download apps and sync content without connecting the device to a computer (as is necessary with other versions of the InnoTab).

Wi-Fi enabled text messaging

The InnoTab 3S includes a Wi-Fi enabled text messaging feature that allows children to send and receive texts to parents on their android smart phones, iPhones or to other children on their InnoTab 3S tablets.

Children can make a wish list

The 'Wish List Maker' allows a child to wirelessly explore hundreds of games, videos, e-books, music and much more on VTech’s Learning Lodge. They can then send their favourite choices to their parent's email for them to purchase and wirelessly download.

Improved power

The InnoTab 3S includes a rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter that can be used to charge the battery pack while it's in use. There's no longer a need to remove the batteries which makes charging more convenient and cheaper than using disposable batteries.

The rechargeable battery pack allows up to 9 hours of play.

Improved memory

The InnoTab 3S includes 4GB of memory for the storage of downloaded apps, games, eBooks and photos and videos. A micro SD card can be purchased separately to allow extra storage.

A huge range of apps

The InnoTab 3S comes with 20 apps including: Wondercam with over 55 photo effects, Art Studio, games, a Utility suite including clock, calculator, calendar, notes and friends list, as well as apps for using photos, video and eBooks.

E-Reader and story dictionary

Children can enjoy seeing stories come to life with interactive e-books. Children can watch the story as its read or touch the words one by one to read at their own pace. Children can also discover new words with the story dictionary and simply touch the highlighted words to learn its meaning.

Children can create their own MP3 playlist

Child can import music of their choice, create their own playlists and listen to their favourite songs.

New rotating camera

Children will love taking photos and making movies with the 180° 2.0 mega pixel rotating camera. Also included are 55 fun photo effects including funny faces, photo frames, and fantasy effects. Children can save and edit their photos and then customize them using the special effects.

Children can learn with their favourite characters

Children can learn as well as have fun with their favourite characters on the InnoTab3S. There is a large selection of cartridge games featuring favourite characters available to purchase separately. Each game includes a range of exciting activities to entertain children as well as teach them important educational skills.

Much more learning to download

VTech's Learning Lodge features 350+ educational games, e-books, music and videos designed to suit a child's age, interests and individual development. The broad library of subjects includes maths, science, reading, creativity, problem solving and much more. The library contains activities suitable for toddler's right up to older children at school. The Learning Lodge gives children the opportunity to learn while also being entertained.

Is the InnoTab 3S a good toy for my child?

The InnoTab 3S is definitely a great buy for children who love their parent's tablets! Not only is it fun, it is also educational. Parents can download 350+ educational games, e-books, music and videos each designed for different ages, interests and stages of development.

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about the InnoTab 3S, including the following:

"I bought the InnoTab 3S to replace my son's InnoTab 2S and it's been great. My son is 5 and starts kindergarten this fall and can already read and write simple sentences; I think part of this is thanks to the InnoTab! This InnoTab also means my son leaves my iPad alone!" David, US

In Summary

We think the InnoTab 3S is going to be very popular this Christmas. If offers some great new features, including Wife, added storage and a rechargeable battery. The InnoTab allows children to expand their learning potential while also keeping them entertained.

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