Vtech Kidi Super Star Toy

If your child dreams of becoming a pop star when they grow up, they'll love the Vtech Kidi Super Star Toy as it features a working microphone and colorful disco lights, which will allow your little superstar to imagine that they're performing on stage, in front of a legion of adoring fans. 

 Vtech Kidi Super Star Image

What are the main features of the Kidi Super Star Toy?

  • Connects to Mp3 players and iPods
  • Can turn any track into a karaoke style, instrumental track
  • Voice changer effects
  • Disco style lights
  • Fun rhythmic games and tongue twisters
  • Recording feature

Let's take a closer look:

1. Can turn any track into a karaoke style, instrumental track 

If you have an mp3 player or an iPod, you can connect your mp3 player to the Super Star Toy to turn regular tracks with vocals into karaoke style, instrumental tracks. So that your little one won't have to sing over their favorite artists voices. 

2. Voice changer effects 

Children of all ages will have fun with the Super Star Toy's voice changer effects. Your child can even record themselves singing along to a track and then experiment with different voice effects. 

3. Disco style lights

Your child will be able to choose different lighting styles for their performances, with ease. Your child may even choose to plan their own concert and to choose a different lighting style for each track that they perform. 

4. Fun rhythmic games and tongue twisters 

If your child bores of singing their heart out they'll still be entertained by the Kidi karaoke machine as it also comes programmed with a variety of fun rhythmic games and tongue twisters. The latter of which are sure to have your child and their friends in fits of hysterics. 

Is the Vtech Kidi Super Star Toy a good choice for my child? 

If your child is passionate about music and loves singing with their friends, they'll spend hours playing with the Kidi karaoke machine. Not only will they be able to play with sound effects and lighting but they'll also be able to record their favorite songs for all their family members and friends to hear.

The Vtech Star Toy is also a breeze to use and has large labeled buttons, which means that children of all ages will be able to use it without parental supervision.

What do others think about the Kidi Super Star Karaoke Machine?

The Super Star Karaoke Machine has legions of fans as it's one of the most affordable child friendly karaoke machines on the market and comes packed with a variety of fun features.

One mom of two Olive can't rave enough about the Vtech Kidi Super Star Toy. "As soon as I put batteries into my daughter's new karaoke machine, my daughter was hooked on her new toy and spend the rest of the afternoon singing along to her favorite songs".

In summary:

If your kid loves singing and dreams of becoming a famous super star when they grow up, you simply can't go wrong gifting your child with the Vtech Kidi Super Star Toy, which will allow your child to live out their pop star fantasies from the comfort of your home. 

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