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Walmart's Holiday Top Toys for 2014

Although children's tastes in toys is ever-changing, their appetite for creativity and imagination is concrete. This theory is proven by the release of Walmart's top list of toys that were chosen by children.

This list is comprised of choices made by children between the ages of 18 months to 12 years. This large group of children were given the opportunity to play with and examine toys released from all major manufacturers, including Zing, Hasbro, Spin Master, and Mattel.

After this project was completed, it was determined that toys that provided an artistic outlet ranked high on the list. Of course, classic toys were also highly favored, much to the delight of manufacturers who are revamping retro toys in an effort to make them appeal to today's children.

Vice president of the toy department, Anne Kehoe, who represents Walmart U.S., stated that the children used in the study surprised the experts with their change in taste this year, however, Walmart is ready to examine and take their choices into consideration. Kehoe made the statement that parents can be assured Walmart will take all steps necessary to ensure their shelves are stocked with all of the popular toys chosen by the children to help the holiday shopping experience flow more smoothly.

This is a great relief to all parents who fight the long lines and crowds every holiday season, trying to provide their children with the year's hottest toy trends. Walmart recently released a list of specific toys that were highly favored by the children in the study. These toys are expected to fly off the shelves and be in high demand this Christmas. The following is a highlight of the Walmart Christmas Toys 2014 list.

It was evident that creative and crafty toys will rule this Christmas season. The top toys chosen in this category by the older children are:

  • Cell Phone Cover Craft Set by Maya Group
  • Sewing Machine by Spin Master
  • Quick- Dry Design Station for Beados by Moose Toys

Licensed toys, such as those from Disney and various children's TV shows, are also popular selections this year. Because the demand for these toys are so high, Walmart has announced they will be adding extra inventory to help satisfy the hordes of Christmas shoppers. The top toys in this category appear to be:

  • Doc McStuffins Talking Mobile
  • Snow- Glow Elsa
  • Disney Magic Dance Pumpkin

Electronic toys also ranked very highly on the children's lists. This comes as no surprise, as interactive toys have always been in high demand around the Christmas season. The most desirable appear to be:

  • Leapfrog Leap TV
  • Hasbro FurReal Friends Walking Pet
  • Spin Master Zoomer Dino
  • Spin Master Light Up Fairy

Revamped classics were surprisingly popular with the children this year. It just goes to show that true classics can survive generation after generation, and still be in high demand. The most popular toys in this area are:

  • Mattel Barbie Glam Camper
  • Fisher Price Musical Preschool
  • Mattel Street Remote Control Flying Car

Shopping for toys this year may seem like a daunting task after seeing this extensive list. However, do not forget that Walmart offers layaway for Christmas toys, which can help ease the strain on your wallet and ensure your children have a Christmas filled with the creative and classic toys they crave.

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