Xeno the Monster toy

Xeno Monster toy

Xeno is a cute and friendly baby monster that little children will love meeting and getting to know!

He is highly interactive and so will entertain you and your children for many hours with all his demands for attention.

Xeno the monster will make you laugh your pants off!

What are the main features of the Xeno Monster toy?

  • Cute interactive monster offering a unique play experience
  • Includes a range of movements and emotions displayed on LCD-based graphic eyes with over 40 different expressions
  • Includes eight touch sensors and audio inputs
  • Includes over 80 tailor made sounds
  • Includes five games
  • More games available on the free app
  • Xeno is able to communicate with his Xeno friends
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries (included)
  • Suitable for children aged 5 years and older

Let's take a closer look

Movements and emotions

Play along and Xeno will react with a huge range of movements and emotions. In fact, he’s got he has more than ten emotions including happy, sad, hungry, playful, unwell and many more. He also has over 80 tailor made sounds and 40 different expressions displayed in his LCD graphic eyes. Xeno responds to touch and attention, is ticklish, dances to music and occasionally lets out a burp or fart!

Fully interactive

Interacting with Xeno is easy due to his eight touch sensors and audio inputs. Xeno also likes to communicate with other monsters - simply sit them together and they will start chatting away to each other!


To encourage further interaction between Xeno and his owner, he will ask children if they want to play one of his 5 includes mini games. Xeno also comes with a free app that can be downloaded and contains lots more mini-games.

What does Xeno look like?

Xeno has a unique looks with an imaginative design. He is available in a range of colours including pacific blue, ultra violet burnt orange. Xeno's ‘fur’ is very tactile and covered with a koosh like material that is full of lumps and bumps to make it feel like a monster's skin. Xeno has puppy eyes and a dripping nose which make him appear endearing to younger children.

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Is the Xeno Monster toy a good toy for my child?

The high level of interaction provided by this innovative toy means that little children will really enjoy getting to know and learning to understand Xeno. Xeno loves nothing more than attention, which makes him a great electronic pet. He is able to keep children amused for many hours.

What do other customers think?

The Xeno Monster toy has already received lots of positive feedback as shown in the review below:

"This toy is great - it is guaranteed to keep kids amused for many hours!" Katy, US

In Summary

We think Xeno will become a great friend to many boys and girls this Christmas as they enjoy learning to communicate with him. He is tipped to be a bestseller so we advise purchasing early to avoid disappointment.

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