Zoomer is an interactive pet puppy that children won't be able to help falling in love with! This cute puppy is able to move and behave just like a real dog and he can even be taught to perform a huge number of clever tricks.

What are the main features of Zoomer?

  • Interactive pet puppy
  • Voice activated; responds to his name or a command
  • His many sensors enable him to make realistic dog movements 
  • Can be taught 60+ tricks such as 'roll over' and 'sit'
  • The more he is taught, the more he remembers
  • Able to bark, wag his tail and even sing
  • Shows excitement when his tummy is scratched 
  • Walks off or 'wees' on the floor when bored
  • To see him perform a random trick press the button on his back
  • Able to follows your movements with his eyes 
  • Fun and easy to train
  • Understands English, Spanish and Frenc (the UK Zoomer understands Russian too)
  • Free iOS or Android app download gives access to training tips
  • Suitable for children aged 5+
  • Recharge Zoomer by using the included USB cable
  • Includes Zoomer, USB cable for charging, instruction and reference guide

Let's take a closer look

Toy manufacturers, Spin Master have now released Zoomer; the new voice activated robotic dog.  Zoomer is a cute black and white puppy who looks very much like a Dalmatian.

Train Zoomer to perform a huge number of tricks

Children will enjoy training Zoomer to perform various tricks such as fetching a ball, sitting, rolling over and playing dead. The more Zoomer is played with, the more he will learn and remember.

Your child's new best friend

Zoomer is a playful puppy that all children will grow to love like a best friend. Just like a reap puppy, he is highly interactive and able to behave just like a real dog; he can respond to his name, bark, sit and wag his tail. He is able to learn lots of tricks and respond in many different ways. Children will love it when the call Zoomer and he answers to his name, performs a trick and wags his tail with joy when they pat his head and tickle his tummy.

Free Zoomer app available

There is a free iOS or Android app that can be downloaded. This app will teach children everything there is to know about training Zoomer. Before they know it, Zoomer will be laying down, rolling over, playing dead and much more!

Is Zoomer a good toy for my child?

If your child keeps talking about owning their own pet, Zoomer would make the perfect starter pet! He is able to provide all the the fun of a family pet but without the responsibility, expense, mess and walking!

What do other customers think?

There has been lots of positive feedback from customers about Zoomer as shown in the review below:

"What a brilliant dog! He is obedient, always ready to play and doesn't make a mess of my house. My girls are both love with Zoomer!" Valerie, US

In Summary

Zoomer is an interactive puppy made just for children. He is able to provide children with a realistic and fun puppy experience that they will love. Zoomer is able to provide all the fun of a family pet but without all the responsibility. We think Zoomer is going to be best friends with lots of little girls and boys this Christmas!

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