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We love toys! Even now when we're all grown up we still love toys. I'm Annette, manager of this site and a product designer, well, I 'was' a product designer, now I'm a mum to two wonderful boys! But, my product designer background has moulded me to appreciate the technical engineering that goes into making each and every toy, along with the individual thought process which attracts the toys to children.

We at ESAT Marketing have created this site to give a general round up of the most popular toys available this year. Each retailer brings out there own list of toys that are selling really well. We review each of these toys and give our feedback. Take it or leave it, we don't mind, but hopefully our reviews can help you to decide which toys are best for your children.

If you click on one of the toy links and purchase any of the toys online we may receive a commission for the sale. This revenue helps pay for the maintenance and running costs of this site. We only link out to reputable sites such as Amazon so you can be confident with any online purchases you make from the sites we link to. Read our disclosure policy for further details.

We really do hope you find some of the information on this site helpful and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we promise to reply.

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