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Air Hogs Hover Assault
by Spin Master

Spin Master have just released this innovative and unique remote control toy in their popular Air Hogs range.

It is called the Hover Assault and it is an amazing remote controlled toy that is designed to travel on land as well in the air.

What is the Air Hogs Hover Assault?

Many of today's toys are moving with the times and becoming much more advanced and high tech and this also applies to radio controlled toys. Many children today love to use a remote control to drive and have control over their own miniature cars, helicopters and planes.

It is often necessary for parents to ask their children to choose between a remote controlled car or a hovering vehicle (a plane or a helicopter) as their budgets won't stretch to buying them both. However, for the first time ever both of these are now available in one in the all new 'Air Hogs Hover Assault' toy from Spin Master.

Not only can it be driven across the ground, but it can also be made to jump over obstacles as well as fly in the sky! The Air Hogs Hover Assault is a unique and powerful radio controlled hybrid toy.

What are the main features of the Air Hogs Hover Assault?

Here is a list of the main features of the Air Hogs Hover Assault: 

  • Innovative and unique remote controlled hybrid toy
  • Children can use the remote control to drive the vehicle on the ground or fly it high in the sky
  • Uses Air Hogs patented technology to provide great control
  • Toy includes missiles for launching
  • Toy includes options for flying as well as soaring
  • Colours and designs may vary
  • Features a durable plastic body to protect against possible rough landings
  • Can be safely used indoors
  • This toy is suitable for children aged 10 years and over
  • Takes 6x AA batteries are required (please note that these are not included with the toy)
  • Please note that this toy is not suitable for children under 3 years old
  • Please be aware that this toy contains fragrances that may cause allergies

Is it a car, is it a plane, no it's the Hover Assault!

The Hover Assault is an innovative Air Hogs toy which comes with the ability to speed fast across the ground as well as jump, hop and soar over big potholes and other obstacles.

The Hover Assault includes the option of full flight mode. Children can engage the vehicle in full flight mode and the patented Air Hogs technology will deliver a stable and enjoyable flying experience.

Watch the Hover Assault Video

Equiped with Weapons and Targets

Another great feature from the Air Hogs Hover Assault is its inclusion of 8 plastic missiles for launching. These missiles can be fired at the simple push of a button!

The toy also includes 2 targets for children to practice with and they will no doubt have a lot of fun playing with the featured aerial attack mode.

The Hover Assault features a strong and durable plastic body to protect it against possible rough landings.

What's Included in the box?

The package includes the Air Hogs Hover Assault toy, remote controller and charger, 8 plastic missiles, 2 targets and an instruction sheet. The toy is powered by 6 x AA batteries which aren't included and need to be purchased separately.

Is the Air Hogs Hover Assault a good toy for my child?

This toy is aimed at older children over the age of 10 years who love to play with remote control toys. Children of this age and over will get many hours of entertainment and enjoyment with their friends and family from this innovative new car meets helicopter toy!

Once they have learnt how to control this toy they will love using it to show off their skills to their friends! They can use it to simply drive down the road whilst at the same time skillfully jumping over all the potholes and any other obstacles in the way and then using it to soar high to the top of their house to target an enemy with a missile attack!

We should point out here that learning to fly the Hover Assault does takes some time and skill and therefore patience and concentration is required from the child and whoever is teaching them. Therefore learning to control this toy will definitely help your child to learn valuable life skills such as patience!

What do other customers think?

As the Hover Assault is such a new toy to the market there aren't yet any customer reviews available However, we feel sure that as we near Christmas 2012 there will be many positive reviews from happy customer to be found on the internet.

In Summary

We feel that the Air Hogs Hover Assault is a fun and entertaining toy for older children aged 10 years and over. The toy is aimed at boys but there may be lots of older girls who would enjoy playing with it too!

Once children master how to control the Hover Assault they will really enjoy playing with it and showing off their skills to their friends and family. They can learn to do so many different things with it including driving, hoping, soaring flying, firing missiles  - in fact all the things that 10 year old boys (and some girls!) love to do.

We feel that considering that this toy is basically 2 remote controlled toys rolled into one and includes missiles and targets that it has an attractive price for a remote controlled toy.

This toy is already tipped to be a huge best seller this Christmas 2012 by some of the leading toy retailers including Tesco's so we would recommend buying the Air Hogs Hover Assault toy early in order to avoid disappointment.

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