Air Swimmers Extreme - Giant RC flying fish!

Air Swimmers Extreme PicAir Swimmers Extreme are incredibly realistic giant fish shaped helium balloons that you can control from the comfort of your armchair.

Air Swimmers Extreme are designed for indoor use and are fully controllable by a remote control handset. The whole family will love watching them ‘swim’ around the house. They are extremely durable, easy to fly and above all else, great fun.

What are the key features of Air Swimmers Extreme?

Air Swimmers have the following key features:

  • Giant remote-controlled flying fish
  • Shark and Clown Fish designs also available 
  • Controlled by a remote handset 
  • Easy to control 
  • Steers in any direction
  • Batteries included
  • Just need to add helium 
  • Easy to follow instructions and easy to assemble 
  • Up to 40 foot range
  • Length including tail: 57 inches / height including fins: 36 inches
  • Made from highly durable helium which can be re-inflated

What are Air Swimmers Extreme?

These brilliant fish will keep every member of the family entertained for days. The user will have complete control over where their Air Swimmers Extreme fish moves – up, down or even around in a circle. There is definitely much fun to be had ‘chasing’ and ‘finding’ family members around the house!

You can rest assured that you don’t need to be a flying expert to be able to operate an Air Swimmers Extreme. They are easy to control even in small spaces. The remote control handset gives you the ability to move the fish up and down and left and right. In fact, you will even be able to send you fish up and down your stairs! The radio control range is approximately 40 feet.

Batteries are included with your Air Swimmer so the only thing required make your fish fly is helium which is available at party shops or it is possible to purchase a helium canister which would allow lots of re-fills without having to leave the house.

To make your Air Swimmers Extreme work you simply need to fill it with helium (helium can be purchased at party shops) and you are ready to go.

The body of your fish is made from a strong nylon material that has the ability to stay inflated for weeks and can also be re-filled many times for never ending fun!

Check Out the Air Swimmers Extreme Video

Are Air Swimmers Extreme suitable for my child?

Air Swimmers are lots of fun for the whole family. Adults and children will enjoy operating them with the remote control. However they are not suitable for children under the age of 36 months and they are not suitable for outdoor use.

If you like the look of this toy for your child, you may also be interested in the Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile car and also Smokey the Fire Truck which is an interactive talking figure.

What do others think about Air Swimmers Extreme?

Air Swimmers have received some excellent customer feedback already:

“Grandchildren loved the "clown fish" they chased it, hugged it and flew it all over the house. Great fun.” – E Hanson

“most creative toy in years. tons of fun. good coordination training for young children. hope to see more fish in the future.” - william j carroll

In Summary

Air Swimmers Extreme are great fun for the whole family and provide great indoor entertainment. Without doubt Air Swimmers are to be a massive hit this Christmas.

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