Barbie Family Puppy Play Park by Mattel

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Following the success of last year's best selling Barbie Puppy Water Park, Mattel have released their latest doggie park for Christmas 2012 called the Barbie Family Puppy Play Park.

This is a toy which promises to be enormously popular with girls who love dogs, especially those who enjoyed watching Britain’s Got Talent winner Ashleigh performing tricks with her dog Pudsey.

What is the Barbie Family Puppy Play Park?

With the Barbie Puppy Play Park little girls will enjoy helping Barbie to play with her puppies and train them to do lots of new tricks. They can do this by helping her to clap her hands together to call her puppies to her.

A real added bonus is that Barbie has now become an interactive doll. When children pull a lever on her back she will clap her hands together and her puppies will run over to her and play. Little girls who love Barbie and dogs are going to enjoy hours of entertainment with this toy!

What are the main features of the Barbie Puppy Play Park?

Here is a list of the main features of the Barbie Puppy Play Park: 

  • When girls press the lever on Barbie's back she will clap her hands together
  • The larger puppy has a sound recognition feature so appears to hear Barbie clapping her hands together
  • When the larger puppy hears Barbie clapping her hands, it will go over to her or go up and down the slide
  • The little puppy can be connected to the larger puppy
  • Both puppies have bobble-heads and tails which help to add to their realism
  • The play set includes a clothed Barbie doll with clapping hands,  a large motorised puppy, a smaller puppy, a ball, a bone and a play park set including a fence, gate and dog house slide 
  • The play set requires 3x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Assembly required - it will take approximately 10 minutes to put the play set together
  • This play set is suitable for children aged 3 years and over

What's Included?

This lovely play set features an pretty pink play park designed just for Barbie and her puppies. There is a cute pink wicker fence surrounding the play park with pink paw print gate that Barbie and her 2 puppies can go through to get in and out of the park.

Inside the park there is a gorgeous pink doghouse combined with a purple slide for the puppies. The Puppy Play Park play set also includes a ball and bone for the 2 puppies to play with.

The best part of this play set is that children can interact with Barbie and her puppies. The large puppy is sound activated and will go to Barbie or up and down the slide when called.

Children are able to help Barbie to call her puppies by pulling the lever on her back to make her clap her hands together and make a clapping noise. Children can also clap their own hands together which will also activate the puppies to go to Barbie or on their slide.

Sound Activated Puppy

To turn the larger puppy on or off children (or their parents) simply need to press the button on the front of the larger puppy. When the puppy is turned on the puppy becomes sound activated so when it hears a clapping sound it will move around on its own for approximately five seconds.

Please be aware that the clapping sound will activate the larger puppy but the smaller puppy will not move on its own. However, it is possible to make both dogs move by simply attaching them together by the clips underneath; they can be positioned side by side or with the big dog in front and the small dog behind.

Is the Barbie Puppy Play Park a good toy for my child?

If you have a little girl who loves Barbie and is also an animal lover then there is no doubt that she will be over the moon to receive this toy on Christmas day.

The Barbie Puppy Play Park is a wonderful girly gift with a very cute pair of puppies who love to respond to Barbie’s claps. This toy is a real leap forward for Mattel, it is really great to see the puppies interacting and responding to Barbie's claps as well as your own child's.

Little girls who love all things Barbie will really enjoy being able to make the puppies move. Whether or not they have dogs of their own at home or are animal lovers, this cute play set will enable them learn to look after their own dogs with the help of Barbie.

One thing we did feel was that play park area for the puppies to play in is quite small which means that they bump into everything when they move. Unfortunately the puppies have not been designed with the ability to bounce off an object and turn around, so children will be need to pick up them up and turn them around lots of times.

Our suggestion is that it might be more fun for children to sometimes play with the puppies outside of the play park.

What do other customers think?

As the Barbie Puppy Play Park is a new toy there are no customer reviews on the toy available yet. However, we feel sure that there will soon be plenty of happy customers only too happy to give us their positive feedback.

In Summary

A real must have Christmas toy for every Barbie fan as well as all little girls that love animals! This would be a perfect choice of toy for little girls who loved watching Ashleigh and Pudsey in Britain's Got Talent.

We can highly recommended this Barbie toy; it's not only ne but also cute, fun and interactive. If you have a little girl who you know will love this toy then we suggest reserving one now as it is sure to be a best seller.

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