Barbie Train to Trot Tawny by Mattel

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Most of us are familiar with Barbie, the pretty, popular and well loved fashion doll produced by Mattel.

During her life Barbie has had many varied careers and this Christmas her latest one is training her horse called Tawny! Barbie's Train to Trot Tawny play set gives girls the opportunity to watch Barbie teach her horse to trot around her in a circular motion. This exciting play set also lets girls join in with the horse training themselves!

The Train to Trot Tawny play set consists of two key things which most little girls want - a  fashionable Barbie doll dressed in pink and a pretty horse that really trots!

What are the main features of Barbie's Train to Trot Tawny?

Here is a list of the main features of Train to Trot Tawny:

  • Barbie can be clipped into the special doll stand which means she can hold Tawny's lead rope
  • Children simply press the button on Tawny's saddle and she will trot in a circular motion around Barbie 
  • A tug to the right of Tawny's rope lead will send her in a clockwise circle and a tug to the left will send her in an anti-clockwise direction
  • Tawny horse is activated by an on and off switch
  • Barbie can ride Tawny straight and steer her in circles
  • Play set includes a fully clothed Barbie doll, Tawny horse, horse lead and saddle, centre doll stand and a replica trophy
  • Children can join in with holding Tawny and her rope to lead her 
  • Barbie's flexible ball joints allow her to be positioned to ride on Tawny 
  • Barbie and Tawny include lots of detail
  • Suitable for children aged 3 years and over
  • Requires 4 x AAA batteries

Let's take a closer look

How does it work?

To make Tawny trot children simply clip the Barbie doll onto the special doll stand and press a button on Tawny's horse saddle. Tawny will then cleverly trot in a circle around Barbie while she is holding onto his lead rope. Thanks to her flexible joints Barbie is also able to ride Tawny and when she does he will trot in a forward direction as well as around in circles.

For even more fun, children can also enjoy getting involved with training Tawny too! They can hold onto Tawny's lead rope themselves to see Tawny perform for them.

Barbie's Outfit

In this play set Barbie looks really fantastic! She comes fully clothed in a very trendy riding outfit. She wears a smart and fashionable riding outfit which consists of a fashionable shiny pink riding jacket, a flowery top, purple jodhpurs and pink riding hat and boots which perfectly match the bridle and saddle of Tawny.


Barbie's horse is called Tawny and she has a friendly face and a long golden mane of hair that girls will really enjoy grooming. Tawny also has a pink bridle and saddle which matches Barbie's outfit.


A replica trophy is also included with this play set. Children will enjoy awarding the trophy to Barbie when she wins first prize for her brilliant riding skills in her riding competitions.

Special Doll Stand

The play set comes with a special doll stand that Barbie clips into. Barbie is then able to cleverly hold Tawny’s lead rope and when a button is pressed on her saddle, she will cleverly trot around Barbie in circles.

Is Barbie Train to Trot a good toy for my child?

Little girls who love Barbie and enjoy collecting Barbie dolls will definitely get hours of enjoyment from this play set. They will be amazed to see Tawny the horse trotting around Barbie!

There are an endless amount of fun activities they can enjoy with this Barbie play set, for example, they can enjoy grooming Tawny's golden mane of hair, they can enjoy helping Barbie to train Tawny by pressing the button on her saddle to make her walk in a circle around Barbie or by holding Tawny's lead rope themselves.

They can also enjoy creating lots of riding competitions and awards ceremonies with friends and family or they can enjoy involving their other Barbie dolls and accessories in different Barbie stories.

This play set is all about fun but it is also great for encouraging children's growing imaginations and role-playing skills as they enjoy creating Barbie riding stories all of their own.

This is also a great play set for encouraging lots of social interaction with friends and family members. Little girls will love involving parents, auntie, uncles, cousins and friends in all their Barbie riding stories!

What do other customers think?

Barbie Train to Trot has already been released into the market and there has already been lots of positive feedback from happy customers such as this customer:

"This is definitely the best Christmas present I have bought for my daughter who is 8 years old. She loves everything to do with Barbie and enjoys collecting lots of different Barbie dolls and Barbie play sets. She has just recently started horse riding too and is really enjoying it so I am sure she will be very happy with this play set which combines her love of everything Barbie with her love of horses together in one toy! I really can't wait to see her face when she opens it on Christmas Day, I think she is going to be over the moon and enjoy lots of happy hours playing with it!" Cindy

In Summary

We feel sure that there are going to be many happy Barbie fans on Christmas Day when children open up their presents.

Barbie's Train to Trot Tawny is expected to be a huge best seller this Christmas and is featured in some of the leading retailers top 10 toys for Christmas. If you know of a child who would like one then it will probably be wise to order it early to avoid disappointment as we think they will sell out quickly.

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