Bop It XT - Bopping Good Fun!

Bop It XT ToyYou might have played the original ‘Bop It’ game that has been around for some years, well the Bop It XT is the latest updated version of this brilliant reaction-testing game.

This new model is so much more fun with some additional challenges and a new cool 'shake it' function. The Bop-It XT is a game that tests mental skills and reaction times by getting players to follow its directions at a rate that gradually gets faster.

Here's a list of the Bop It XT Key Features:

  • 6 different commands
  • Play alone or with friends
  • Different modes for solo and group-play
  • Great for improving reaction times and concentration skills

The great thing about ‘Bop It XT’ is that it is a game that can be played on your own or with a friend or even with all your friends at a party.

What is the Bop It XT?

It’s an addictive game that’s fun for the whole family. It's targeted at children but once you’ve played you might want one for yourself!

This game has the added features that it can help everyone, whatever their age to improve their memory and concentration skills.

This new version of Bop It has many more fun new features. It contains 6 different commands to perform, including a new ‘shake-it’ command.

You can play with Bop It XT on your own or with friends. This gives everyone the perfect excuse to practice before being joined by their friends and family!

Bop It XT is made by Hasbro. It gives players commands to perform but gets faster and faster as the game progresses. Before you know it your whole family will be shaking, bopping, flicking and spinning away – great fun!

When you’re too tired to play then let the children have a go, they’ll be itching to get their hands on it! It’s a great game for them as it is challenging, helps to improve their memory and concentration skills and it is also a really social game that they can play with their friends. Other games to check out this year include the Doggie Doo Game and the iBall3 interactive puzzle.

Is the Bop It XT suitable for my child?

A definite yes! Children everywhere will love this fun game and you will probably find it hard to get off them once they get their hands on it!

Bop It XT is suitable for children aged eight and older.

Customer Reviews

"Great for improving dexterity and concentration, my child loves his Bop It Extreme 2. It's brightly coloured and is easy to store, he couldn't be happier" - N. A. Russell

"It's so addictive, you won't want to put it down and it's a brilliant ice-breaker at parties. It's brilliant to enhance the memory for my kids, too." - Villa Boy

In Summary

The Bop It XT is tipped to be a best seller this Christmas popular with both the young and old. If you want to buy a game that the whole family can enjoy this Christmas then look no further and order one today.

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