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For those that would rather avoid Black Friday’s maddening crowds of shoppers often intermingled with chaotic scenes and irrational outbreaks of violence, Cyber Monday might be just what you have been looking for. If you opt to evade the hordes of bargain hunters who throng brick-and-mortar retail outlets around Thanksgiving, there are countless online stores where you can still obtain equivalent or better deals. Postponing your holiday shopping should also be of no consequence. This is because, Cyber Monday, a term coined by online marketers to as a label for the following Thanksgiving, has a long-established reputation for offering online shoppers plenty of good deals.

But although both the Internet and e-commerce have been in use for a relatively long period of time, the phrase "Cyber Monday" is a surprisingly recent addition to the English language, conceived as lately as 2005 by the National Retail Foundation’s web portal,

The Introduction of Cyber Monday

The Foundation’s press release announcing the introduction of Cyber Monday to the world stated:

"As traditional retailers inevitably monitor their stores traffic and sales volumes during Black Friday, which is the day immediately following Thanksgiving, online merchants have decided to focus on something different: that is Cyber Monday, on the Monday immediately following Thanksgiving, and which is fast transforming into one of the busiest days for online shopping with each passing year. Over the last few years, online retail stores have realized that the sales numbers for the particular Monday that comes after Thanksgiving have slowly been creeping higher. This has given these retailers an extra reason to be jolly as the holiday season is ceremoniously kicked-off."

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The Online World's Black Friday

Since then, Cyber Monday revenues have been on a steady climb in line with the ever increasing numbers of online shoppers. For example, authoritative sales reviews released recently by the reputable digital research firm, comscore indicate that online sales on Cyber Monday were equivalent to $ 484 million in 2005, the year it was launched. This figure had more than tripled to reach $ 1.465 billion by 2012. That impressive number broke all previous records and made last year’s Cyber Monday the single largest day ever for online sales revenues. Several enterprising online retailers have gone as far as to extend the previous single-day affair into a so called "Cyber Week” that comes chock-filled with unbelievable deals and deep discounts. In fact, last year, Cyber Week witnessed 3 particular days when online sales exceeded $1 billion.

No Crowds to Brave

Comparable figures for Black Friday and Thanksgiving in general, have also seen tremendous growth. 2012’s Thanksgiving online revenues marked a 17 percent improvement over 2011, while Black Friday’s numbers were even larger, coming in at 21 percent higher. All the amounts touted for Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, pale vastly when compared to in-store revenues during the Thanksgiving weekend. Those numbers were the equivalent of $59.1 billion in 2012, as announced by the National Retail Foundation.

The total online revenue intake from this year’s Cyber Monday is nonetheless predicted to be the largest yet; with comscore estimating $2 billion from Internet sales transactions via mobile devices and computers.

From the comfort of your home

Shootings and stampedes have been the order of the day in retail outlets nationwide on Black Friday, resulting in several deaths and injuries over the last 5 years. Cyber Monday not only offers you a perfect avenue to denounce this day’s blatant consumerism, but you also get to spend more time with your loved ones over Thanksgiving by shopping online from the comfort of your home.

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