Doggie Doo Game - The Entertaining Doggie Poop Game!

Doggie Doo ImageThe Doggie Doo game has been tipped to be the hottest toy this year by far. For some reason all children find poo and farts hilarious so what could make a better children’s game than one about dog poop or as the name on the box says ‘Doggie Doo’!

Doggie Doo is the latest game from John Adams and it has already taken the children’s toy market by storm with shops selling out already. Who would have thought that a dog pooping can bring so much fun and enjoyment to youngsters!

Doggie Doo Game Key Features

The Doggie Doo game includes the following features:

  • Cute dachshund dog
  • Plasticine poo 
  • The player squeezing the lead at the time the dog poops, scoops the poop
  • First player to reach 3 poops wins 
  • Educational as teaches children important lessons about owning pets

What is the Doggie Doo game?

Firstly players need to make the doggie a little treat to eat. This is done by putting the dog food into the doggie treat mould. Players then feed this treat to the doggie by pushing it into his mouth with the plastic dog bone.

Then players each choose a spade and take it in turns to throw the dice which will tell them how often they get to squeeze the Doggie Doo's lead.

Every squeeze they do pushes some ‘poop’ along until the doggie finally gets to do his poop. The lucky player with the lead at that time then gets the task of cleaning up the poop with their little spade. The first player who gets to clean up 3 poops or doggie doo’s wins.

There is also a fun little twist to the game with one of the options on the dice being to ‘swap scoops’, so you could choose swap spades with the current winner if you want to.

The Doggie Doo Game by John Adams is great for children as they will find it highly amusing because it involves lots of talk about poop and also lots of rude noises from the doggie as he eats his doggie treats.

Doggie Doo is not only fun to play but also educational because it will teach your children about responsible dog ownership and the importance of cleaning up after your pet.

Watch the Doggie Doo Video

Is Doggie Doo suitable for my child?

Doggie Doo is suitable for children aged 4 years and over. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old. If you like the look of this game you may also like the updated Monopoly game called Monopoly Electronic banking, or you may like the young Wizard's favourite Harry Potter Scene It board game too.

What do others customers think of Doggie Doo?

“This was present for my eight year old son. He loved it! The game is really simple to play,and makes lots of rude noises which as you can imagine he found highly amusing!! – F.James

“The kids love this, and so do the grow ups. The game itself is simple but has a little educational value. But it is great fun!!!”  – Jinx

In Summary

The Doggie Doo Game could be the most fun you’ve have with your kids in ages. We think girls and boys of all ages will love it. It is tipped to be a huge bestseller this Christmas so make sure you buy yours early.

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