Fijit Friends - The Must Have Toy This Year!

Fijit Friends ToyChristmas is fast approaching and you may be starting to think about presents for your daughter and wondering what you can buy that will make her eyes light up and a put a huge smile on her face! The answer to this is simple - one of the Fijit Friends.

What’s the hype about Fijit Friends?

Fijit Friends are interactive toys that each have their own personality so you can even pick the one that you think your child will most like!

Here are the key features of Fijit Friends:

  • Highly interactive
  • There are 4 different Fijit Friends to choose from 
  • They are small, squishy and soft 
  • They can recognise over 30 keywords and tell over 150 phrases and jokes
  • They contain beat sensors and so are able to recognise and respond to different music styles 
  • They are eager to laugh, sing, chat and dance

Each of the Fijit Friends has a unique personality which makes them react in different ways. However, they are all able to sing, dance, chat and tell jokes. A Fitjit Friend really might become a new best friend for your little girl!

Mattel, the manufacturers have cleverly created a different personality for each of the Fijit Friends: 

  • Willa is interested in fashion
  • Serafina is the girly one 
  • Logan loves keeping fit
  • Sage is a natural explorer

The Fijit Friend’s abilities include the following:

Singing and Dancing - Fijit Friends really know how to sing and dance! Each of the Fijit Friends has the ability to sing four different types of songs. When it comes to dancing, they are able to pick up on the beat of the songs being played and dance in that style! This really is a sight to see as the faster the beat, the more complicated and hilarious their dancing. Your daughter will love seeing this and will smile at the little bow they give at the end of their dance.

Chatting - Obviously you won’t be able to have a complex conversation with a Fijit Friend but each one is able to react to 30 different phrases. Your daughter will love chatting away to her Fijit Friend and they can be great company! If your daughter asks her Fijit Friend what she looks like her Fijit Friend will say "Oh yeah, looking good!" Your daughter will soon be taking her Fijit Friend everywhere!

Jokes – Fijit Friends will keep your daughter giggling away for hours, especially if she likes ‘knock, knock’ jokes!

When it's bedtime, your daughter simply needs to say Good Night to her Fijit Friend and her belly will glow like a nightlight as she goes off to sleep.

Check Out this Fijit Friends Video

Who are Fijit Friends for?

Fijit Friends are aimed at girls of age 6 years and over. Fijit Friends are a great source of entertainment for little girls everywhere and will keep them entertained for many hours. Other similar toys for girls which are available this Christmas include FurReal Cookie and the Moshi Monsters Talking Plush range of cuddly toys.

What do other customers think?

"A great, innovative toy which was the perfect present for my daughter's birthday" – emk

“I bought one of the Fijit Friends for my granddaughter's 4th birthday. She absolutely loved it! Willa chats with you, dances with you, and tells you jokes. It's amazing how she responds to your voice and any music that you play! She is a lot like a "Ferbie" but even better! Great toy, and Amazon's price was much lower than the Fijit Friends department stores!” – G’ma C

In Summary

Fijit Friends were a massive hit last year and this year is no different. The technology and innovation that has gone into this toy is very apparent. A must have toy for girls, the Fijit Friends really are a girl's best friend.

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