FurReal Cookie - A Girl's Best Friend!

FurReal CookieFurReal Cookie is the new and incredibly cute, interactive toy dog tipped to be a best seller this Christmas.

Cookie is very cute and just like a real life dog in many ways. Cookie’s movements, sounds and actions are all very realistic.

When you meet FurReal Cookie you will understand why he is guaranteed to become a very cute new friend to many little girls this Christmas.

FurReal Cookie’s Key Features

  • Realistic sounds including puppy babble, munching noises when eating and barking
  • Can wag tail and move head
  • Responsive to touch
  • 14 inches tall 
  • Can sit up or lie down
  • Squeaky toy bone accessory
  • Interactive fur
  • Soft and very cute

When your child strokes FurReal Cookie on her back or head, she will happily bark, move her head and wag her tail. When your child scratches her cheek she’ll turn towards their hand for some more petting.

Cookie loves her toy bone, so when your child gives it a squeak, Cookie will turn her head to look at it. Your child will then be able to reward Cookie by giving it to her which will cause her to make happy munching sounds as she chews away on it.

Is the FurReal Cookie a good toy for my child?

The manufacturers of FurReal Cookie have targeted the toy specifically at little girls but there is bound to be lots of dog loving little boys out there who would love one too! You may also be interested in the Fijit Friends interactive toys and also the Moshi Monsters Talking Plush. Both these toys have been released ready for the Christmas rush.

The manufacturer Hasbro also state that this toy isn't suitable for children under 4 years old.

Read what other customers think

Although fairly new to the market, FurReal Cookie has already received some positive feedback from customers who have purchased her:

“This is a cute puppy. My daughter enjoyed it a great deal. Most kids want their stuffed animal o do something nowadays and this toy delivers. The "cookie" works and is a cute concept." - J. Al-hashimi

I got this for my niece and she is very pleased with Cookie. Cookie is so realistic, she barks and rolls over. A perfect companion for a child who loves animals. Cookie's playful antics will keep children occupied for hours. -Tuvan Uner

In Summary

The FurReal toys are very popular with children everywhere. They are able to provide hours of interactive fun. The FurReal Cookie, the latest toy in the range, gives children the opportunity to own a realistic puppy of their own but without all dog walking and clearing up for you!

FurReal Cookie comes highly recommend so if you are thinking about purchasing one, it might be best to do so soon before stocks start to run low.

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