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The New Furby by Hasbro

Hasbro's Furby is back but this time he's all set for the digital age with a range of high tech features.

The all new new Furby is still cute and furry but now features LED eyes, new sensors, iPad app integration and over 100 phrases in "Furbish" which is the Furby's own language.

What is Furby?

The original Furby was released 14 years ago when an impressive 40 million of them were sold in three years making them one of the biggest toys of the 1990s. Hasbro then tried to recreate this popularity with an another Furby model in 2005  but it didn't manage the same level of success.

Hasbro have now released a new high tech Furby ready for Christmas 2012 and it looks as though it's going to be a best seller, because it already features on many retailers top 10 toys for Christmas.

What are the main features of Furby?

Here is a list of the main features of Furby: 

  • Available in 10 different colours
  • Furby's eyes are now circular LED screens which mean he is able to display a range of expressions and emotions
  • Furby's are able to interact with each other
  • Furby now includes  various motion sensors that will respond to touch
  • Furby has the ability to listen to and dance to music
  • Furby has the ability to wiggle his ears
  • Furby has the ability to recognise words and answer questions
  • Furby features multiple emotions
  • Includes a free interactive iPad app
  • Furby will interact with the iPad app and he can even be fed meals through it
  • The Furby app also includes a Furbish dictionary  to allow people to understand and translate the Furbish language

Watch the Furby Video

The All New Appearance

Furby is still as cute and furry as ever but he can now be purchased in a range of 10 different colours.

Thanks to all his new features Furby's body is more active than ever before and he can now wiggle his ears and dance to music.

New Technology

Furby's eyes are very different to the original Furby's eyes. New technology has enabled them to be large white LED screens allowing Furby to easily express a range of emotions. Hasbro have designed different eye expressions for different moods such as happiness and anger.

To make Furby's eyes even more interesting Hasbro have included images such as rainbows and peace signs. Furby has also got eyelids which open for waking and close for sleeping. Furby no longer has his long and very cute eyelashes which in our personal opinion is a shame.

Besides his eyes, Furby looks similar in appearance to his original version. He is still covered in thick fur and his tail, feet and ears are all a lighter shade of his fur colour. Just under Furby's eyes is a little yellow beak that opens and closes when he speaks and inside his mouth is a red tongue which when pressed down makes Furby chew as if he is being fed.


Just like the original Furby, he has retained the ability to communicate with other Furby's around him. When Furby speaks and another Furby is nearby, he will pick up on the 'Furbish' language and respond. Furby can also respond to human voices and is even clever enough to pick up on tone. There is even now a Furby app which sends inaudible sound codes to the toy.

Also like it's original, Furby has no off switch. In fact there are only 2 ways to silence him; put him in a quiet room on his own so he falls asleep and starts quietly snoring or take his batteries out!  

Furby's now got motion sensors in his head, tummy, back and sides that means he is able to respond to touch such as being tickled. A special switch inside Furby means he will know when a person is pushing him or holding onto him by his tail.

Change Furby's Mood

Interaction such as this will change Furby's mood making him angry. Furby's mood is also affected by speech from other Furbies or from other people. In fact, the more a person speaks, the chattier Furby becomes and if a person speaks to Furby enough he will even start to add English words into his speech!

There is now a free app for those who need help understanding Furby's language. The app features a translator that listens to Furby speaking  and then gives out the English equivalent. The app also features a dictionary and food for Furby which is given to him by flicking in his direction. Parents may or may not be pleased to know that Furby won't die if he isn't fed though he may become irritable.

Is Furby a good toy for my child?

If you are looking for a fluffy, cute, fun and interactive toy for your child then the Furby would make the perfect gift for them.

What do other customers think?

As Furby is new to the market, there are no customer reviews yet available. However, we feel sure there will be reviews from lots of happy customers as we near Christmas 2012 and more Furby's have gone to good homes.

It already appears that there are plenty of eager customers waiting to pre order their Furby in time for Chrismtas 2012:

"I LOVE FURBY. It was my favorite toy growing up as a child. To this day I still love it and wish I had one. I am definitely going to pre order this!!!!!!" Nicola

In Summary

We think the new Furby is a great interactive toy that promises to be big hit with adults and children alike this Christmas 2012.

Adults will want a Furby for the nostalgia factor and children will be fascinated by their ability to interact with this cute fluffy pet!

In an ideal world a person would purchase a couple of Furbies so that they can keep each other company and talk to one another, however the price probably won't allow that for everyone!

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