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Monopoly Millionaire
by Hasbro

Monopoly is undoubtedly one of the world's most famous board games and today it is well known worldwide as the classic property trading game.

Just in time for Christmas 2012 Hasbro have now released an exciting new version of the Monopoly game called 'Monopoly Millionaire'

This version is especially designed for all those people who have dreams of becoming a millionaire and enjoying the lifestyle that goes with it.

What's Different about Monopoly Millionaire?

Many special editions of Monopoly have been released since that time and today Monopoly is available in an incredible 111 countries and in 43 languages.

The main aim of this new Monopoly board game is very simple - there is no longer any need to make other players bankrupt as the winner is now the first player to make a million Monopoly dollars.

What are the main features of Monopoly Millionaire?

Here is a list of the main features of Monopoly Millionaire:

  • New luxury themed Monopoly board game
  • Fast paced games can now be completed in under an hour
  • Features a new way to play Monopoly - the first player to a make a million Monopoly dollars wins 
  • Players build money stacks to make their millions 
  • The game features exciting new wealthy locations which reflect the millionaire lifestyle
  • Players can upgrade their millionaire lifestyles as they play
  • Fortune cards keep game play unpredictable and exciting
  • Features millionaire lifestyle cards
  • Features millionaire bonuses
  • Suitable for ages 8 and up
  • For 2-4 players
  • Box Contains high quality board, title deeds, movers, fortune cards, chance cards, millionaire lifestyle cards, houses, hotels, dice, money, bank tray, reminder cards and a game guide 

Become a Monopoly Millionaire!

All of those people who dream of winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire can now become Monopoly millionaires with the arrival of this luxury themed version of the classic property trading game.

Monopoly Millionaire is similar to the original Monopoly game in many respects - however, Hasbro have also introduced lots of exciting new features. The big change from the original game is that the first player to make a million Monopoly dollars wins.

Other exciting new features include upgraded movers - players can now upgrade their mover depending on how rich they are each time they pass GO. So a player might begin the game with a paper plane and as the game progresses they may be able to upgrade it to their own luxury yacht!

With each upgrade players will find that the rewards are greater but the risks are higher making the game edge-of-your-seat exciting to play.

Fortune Cards and Free Houses

Players need to keep a look out for the Fortune cards which are located on every property space. These important cards could help them to win the game! The cards make the game even more exciting as they might allow players to  jump ahead or take bonus houses for free!

There are also Chance and Millionaire Lifestyle cards to look out for and these could also help change the course of the game for players too!

The luxury millionaire theme is reflected in the board game in other ways so the players can really feel that they are living the high life! The game features new wealthy locations with millionaire properties such as Paradise Island and Party Plaza. Players will also notice that all properties are worth a lot more money and they can upgrade to items such as luxury yachts and planes!

The First to a Million Wins

In Monopoly Millionare players still do all the same things they did in the classic Monopoly game such as pay rent, buy houses and hotels, collect their salary and buy properties. However, there is a new twist to Monopoly Millionaire as  there is no need for players to bankrupt each other. The new rule is simple -  the first player to make a million Monopoly dollars is the winner of the game!

The pace of the Monopoly Millionare game is much faster than the original Monopoly and games can be played from start to finish in under an hour. This makes games much more exciting and much more likely to keep the whole family interested in playing right to the end of the game.

Is Monopoly Millionaire a good toy for my child?

If you have a child aged 8 or over who enjoys board games with family and friends then the Monopoly Millionaire board game will make a perfect Christmas gift for them.

Monopoly Millionaire would also make a great Christmas present for all adults who enjoy board games and have enjoyed playing past editions of Monopoly. Monopoly Millionaire is a game that really can be enjoyed by the whole family.

There are lots of families who might like to treat themselves to this game so they can enjoy a game with the whole family on Christmas day!

What do other customers think?

As the Monopoly Millionaire board game is new to the market there aren't yet any customer reviews. However, many of the top toy retailers have placed this game in their top 10 toys for Christmas 2012 so we feel sure that there will soon be lots of positive customer feedback available.

If you are considering buying this game in time for Christmas 2012 then it might be worth ordering it now in order to avoid disappointment.

In Summary

Monopoly Millionaire is an exciting new way to play Monopoly. It has a luxury theme that features mover that can be upgraded to luxury items, a high quality board, wealthy locations  and millionaire lifestyle cards.

We feel sure that Millionaire Monopoly is going to played by many families in many houses this Christmas 2012.

This exciting new version of the game retains many of the classic Monopoly features but with lots of new exciting twists! We feel sure that this updated classic board game will be a best seller this Christmas.

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