Nerf Elite Hail-Fire by Hasbro

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Older children will be over the moon at the release of the biggest and most powerful Nerf blaster yet!

Hasbro have now released the Nerf Elite Hail-Fire which is their latest and most advanced blaster yet.

What is the Nerf Hail Fire?

The Nerf Hail-Fire is part of the popular N-Strike Elite blaster range and has to be seen in action to be believed! 

New features include a acceleration trigger to start the motor and a rotating ammo rack. This blaster allows children to fire lots of Elite darts at high speed at their chosen target.

The Nerf Elite Hail-Fire is the highest capacity blaster ever seen with a huge storage capacity for 144 darts!

What are the main features of the Nerf Elite Hail-Fire?

Here is a list of the main features of the Hasbro Nerf Elite Hail-Fire: 

  • Electronic dart blaster with a massive storage capacity
  • The blaster features a new rotating ammo rack
  • Rotating ammo rack means the Hail-Fire blaster has the highest storage capacity ever
  • The blaster can hold a maximum of 8 quick reload clips and 144 darts (please note the blaster can only hold this many darts with the purchase of extra clips and darts)
  • The blaster features 2 handles - one is at the rear and one is on the top at the front
  • The blaster features 2 triggers - one for firing and one for acceleration
  • The acceleration trigger is used for semi-auto blasting 
  • The blaster is able to shoot approximately 55 foot flat and 75 foot angled
  • The blaster can fire up to 2-3 darts a second
  • Accurate 
  • Suitable for children aged 8 years and over
  • Set includes: Hail-Fire blaster body, advanced handle (made up of 2 parts), ammo rack cover (made up of 2 parts), 24 elite darts, 4 quick reload  clips and instructions.
  • It is possible to upgrade with any tactical rail accessory (please note that these are sold separately)
  • The Elite darts will work with all N-Strike Elite blasters as well as most original N-Strike ones
  • Takes 4  x AA batteries

Watch the Nerf Hail-Fire Video

More about the Nerf Hail-Fire?

This blaster features 8 clip slots in its rotating ammo rack. The ammo rack can  easily be rotated to the next clip by use of the advanced handle located on top of the blaster.

The Hail-Fire has 2 handles; the one at the back is a rear pistol grip and the other one at the front is an advanced handle which is used to rotate the ammo rack onto the next clip.

Two triggers are located on the rear grip; the top one is for firing and the bottom one is for acceleration.

Massive Darts Storage Capacity

Currently, this blaster features the biggest storage capacity of darts in any blaster made by Nerf:

  • If eight 6 dart extension clips are used than a maximum of 48 elite darts can be stored
  • If eight 12 dart extension clips are used then a maximum of 96 elite dart can be stored
  • If eight 18 dart extension clips are used then a maximum of 144 darts can be stored

Older children will love the thrill and power of being able to power up their blaster for semi-auto blasting by holding down the acceleration trigger, then blasting as many darts as fast as they can by pulling the launch trigger. When one clip is empty, they simply pull back on the advanced handle to rotate to the next clip so they can carry on with their blasting.

The Nerf Elite Hail-Fire is one of heaviest Nerf blasters. With regards to its appearance it is painted blue in colour and is slim at the back and forward of this is a wide circle of clips and then forward of this is the advanced handle near the front and then the barrel.

Is the Nerf Elite Hail-Fire a good toy for my child?

We think that this blaster will certainly provide lots of fun and exciting games time for older children and their families.

Whether it is being purchased to add to a child's existing Nerf collection, for a child to try out for the first time or for lots of outdoor fun between family members we are certain that it will be a definite hit!

What do other customers think?

There are already many positive customer reviews available on the internet. We feel sure there will be many more reviews from satisfied customers as we get nearer to Christmas 2012 and may are purchased as Christmas presents. Here is a review from one happy customer:

"The new Hail Fire gun is a massive leap forward for Nerf fans everywhere! This blaster really does go the distance with the new blue darts it comes with. The gun can get heavy with the full 18 dart clips installed as opposed to the 6 it comes with. All buyers should be aware that this blaster holds 8 clips, but only comes with 4. So, you need to buy more to fill it up! Despite this it is lots of fun and I would highly recommended it and that comes from someone with 5 other Nerf guns " - Mark

In Summary

This toy is  all set to be a massive hit with older children everywhere this year. It will be a sure fire hit (excuse the pun!) with all those who are already Nerf fans and will be adding this blaster to their collection.

We feel certain that there will be plenty of children out there too who have never owned a blaster and would love to try one out! Brothers, sisters and parents who could all have a blaster each for lots of garden fun!

We think this is a proper boys toy (or a Tomboy's toy!) that will deliver a barrage of darts as fast as the operator can pull the trigger! The Hail-Fire really is definitely  the ultimate in high capacity blasting!

This toy features on Tesco's top toys for Christmas 2012 and we would recommend buying one early to avoid disappointment.

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