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Parents of children who love all things Spider-Man will be well aware that the latest Spider-Man movie was released in July 2012.

Following the success of this latest Spider-Man movie Hasbro released a new Spiderman toy called the Web Shooting Spider-Man and we predict it is going to be a world-wide bestseller.

What is the Web Shooting Spider-Man?

'The Amazing Spider-Man' (Spider-Man 4) was a huge box office hit which was enjoyed by thousands of Spider-Man fans all over the world. The new Web Shooting Spiderman is going to be a huge hit too.

At first glance it would be easy to assume that the Web Shooting Spider-Man toy is just a static character figure. However, it doesn't take long before you realize that it is far more than a fun character toy!

This fantastic new Web Shooting Spider-Man toy is able to shoot impressive motorized webs from each of his hands at the touch of a button!

What are the main features of the Web Shooting Spider-Man?

Here is a list of the main features of the Web Shooting Spider-Man: 

  • Fully motorized Web Shooting Spider-Man action figure
  • Hasbro's biggest ever Spider-Man figure 
  • Web shooters appear from each of Spider-Man's wrists
  • The toy includes two web shooters (one from each wrist) for fantastic web blasting action
  • The web shooters release at the touch of a button
  • The toy includes a cardboard target that is shaped like Spider-Man's enemy 'The Lizard'
  • The toy features realistic web-slinging sounds 
  • The web shooters fire left and right 
  • The Spider-Man figure looks realistic
  • The Spider-Man figure is also highly detailed 
  • The Spider-Man figure stands at an impressive 34cm (13 inches) tall
  • Toy requires 4 x AAA batteries to operate (please note these are not  included)
  • This toy is suitable for children who are aged 5 years and over
  • Please note that this toy is not suitable for children under 3 years due to  small parts
  • Toy includes: 1 Spider-Man figure and 1 cardboard target shaped like 'The Lizard'

Watch the Web Shooting Spiderman Video

Super Hero Powers

Big fans of Spider-Man will know that he has 4 main super hero powers which are as follows: Spider-Strength, Speed, Sense and Grip. It is the combination of these incredible powers alongside his impressive weapons that make him one of the strongest and most powerful super heroes the world has ever seen! 

Most Spider-Man fans are aware that one of Spider-Man's most useful weapons are his artificial web shooters which he is able to use for essential  life-saving operations such as shooting and capturing enemies and to travel quickly up walls so he can chase enemies or escape from them.

The Web Shooting Weapon

Spider-Man's web shooters are high tech devices that he wears on each of his wrists that allow him to shoot thin strands of a special 'web fluid' at a very high pressure.

Spider-Man is able to cleverly make use of this strong web fluid for many things such as making climbing rope to escape, tying up enemies until they are captured,  blindfolding enemies to make them defenceless, creating snares to capture enemies and even for making small items such as parachutes and bandages.

All fans of Spider-Man are going to really enjoy spending many happy hours playing with this fantastic and impressive new toy. The Web Shooting Spider-Man toy is fully motorized and includes two web shooters; one web shooter is attached to each of his wrists for double the action.

Web Shooting Fun for Kids

Children will be amazed when they see for themselves the motorized web shoot out of Spider-Man's wrist then retract and shoot out the other wrist! The toy also comes with a cardboard target that looks like Spider-Man's enemy, 'The Lizard'.

Children will be able to enjoy practising their web shooting by aiming at 'The Lizard' target. The Spider-Man figure also contains an incredible amount of fine detail and realistic colouring. He stands at an impressive 34cm (13 inches) tall making him the biggest Spider-Man figures that Hasbro have ever produced!

Is the Web Shooting Spiderman a good toy for my child?

If you have a child or know of a child who loves everything to do with Spider-Man then you can rest assured that they will love this fantastic new Spider-Man action figure toy.

We guarantee that this toy will provide hours of fun for boys (and even girls) who love all things to do with Spider-Man!

Children will really thoroughly enjoy losing themselves in their imaginations in their own battles between Spider-Man and his enemies. They will enjoy re-enacting their favourite scenes from 'The Amazing Spider-Man' movie alongside their very own Spider-Man figure who is able to fire his web shooters at the touch of a button!

This toy is guaranteed to provide children with many hours of entertainment where they will be able lose themselves in their own imaginations.

What do other customers think?

As the Web Shooting Spiderman is such a new toy to the market there aren't yet any customer reviews available . However, we feel sure that as we near Christmas 2012 there will be many positive reviews from happy customer to be found on the internet.

In Summary

We are in no doubt that children who love Spider-Man will love blasting away at Spider-Man's enemy 'The Lizard' with his pair of fantastic motorized web shooters!

This toy will make the perfect Christmas gift for children who loved the recent Spider-Man movie. They will be able to enjoy spending many hours with their family and friends role playing scenes from the movie as well as creating new Spider-Man's battles and defeating his enemies.

This toy is already tipped to be a huge best seller this Christmas 2012 by some of the leading toy retailers including Tesco's.

Following the success of the recent 'The Amazing Spider-Man' movie we would recommend buying the Web Shooting Spider-Man toy early in order to avoid disappointment.

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