What are the hot Christmas toys for 2013?

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The hot toys for 2013 include some fantastic toys with new technology, as well as some revised classics which have been bought up to date.

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We have been spoilt for choice in 2014 and the run up to Christmas is seeing some great toys like the cutting edge Teksta the Robotic Puppy pictured opposite, the all new Furby Boom and the fantastic Robo Fish.

Robo Fish

Robo Fish is a unique robot fish which when dropped into water, swims and behaves like a real fish. Available in 8 colourful designs, Robo Fish is the perfect gift for children who would like their own fish but with parents who don't want the hassle of real fish.

Children can collect all the designs to create their own busy aquarium. When removed from the water, Robo Fish becomes deactivated ready for it's next swim.

The toy manufacturers are starting to launch their new range of toys in preparation for Christmas, the busiest time of year for toy sales and despite the economic downturn, toy sales are expected to be up compared to last year.

Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls Image

Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls

The new Monster High 13 Wishes movie released in September 2013 sees the introduction of the Monster High 13 Wishes Dolls

Featuring five characters from the movie, the 13 wishes dolls feature a huge amount of detail an come with a pet, brush diary and doll stand. Each character is beautifully styled in its own gothic theme based on her role in the film.

This year has seen a fantastic range of toys and the large shops have predicted the toys they think will be the most popular.

On several of the top retailers lists is the Doctor's Bag of the ever increasingly popular kids celeb Doc McStuffin. The set includes a blood pressure cuff with a working gauge, syringe and sparkling thermometer. the perfect compliment to VIP pets or Monster High dolls, just in case any of them fall ill!

Lion Chi Temple Lego Set Image

Lion Chi Temple Lego Set

As you'd expect, LEGO have a number of kits available this Christmas but the one that has made the Hamley's top ten toys for Christmas 2014 list is the Lion Chi Temple lego set.

The Lion Chi Temple is part of the lego 'Legends of Chima' theme, which so far has included only vehicles. Now with this temple set, comes the largest Chima lego set consisting of 1258 pieces!

Suitable for children over eight years old, this set includes seven figures and the temple itself is full of incredible detail.If your child likes lego, they are going to love this set.


Straight out of Spain and huge for the girls this year are the VIP pets miniature pet figures. Available in several different versions including Lady GiGi the Party Planner and Alex the Fashion photographer, the VIP Pets are the coolest, trendiest pets to hit the high street in years.

Each pet comes with long hair, styling and clothing options and kids can enjoy interactive fun over at their website at www.ilovevippets.com. Check out the VIP pets video below:

The All New Furby Boom

Probably the hottest toys award this Christmas for the girls goes to the all new version of Furby - Furby Boom. Keeping many of the traditional looks and features, Furby has been given a technological makeover and bought into the computer age and this latest version, hatches out of an egg for a full Furby experience.

These cute, lovable interactive toys for girls talk, dance, laugh and get mad, and they come in a sleek range of different coloured versions.

leapfrog leappad ultra image

Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra

This years lists also see the updated release of last years best selling and very innovative tablet PCs for kids. Building on the success of last years hits, this years versions are not really toys but more like learning consoles which promote learning in a fun way.

The Leapfrog LeapPad Ultra is the latest incarnation of the LeapPad range of tablets. This years version includes the addition of a bigger display and faster hardware. it also includes 8gb of storage, twin cameras, wifi and Access to over 800 educational and fun games, eBooks and more.

Chasin Cheeky Image

Popular Games for Christmas

As usual there are a number of games on the list this year to keep the whole family entertained after Christmas dinner.

There's a new version of the old classic Chasin Cheeky game from Hasbro to brighten Christmas afternoon. This version still requires you to throw hoops over Cheeky's tail to grab the banana from his mouth, but there's the added fun of Cheeky shaking and a moving and grooving to make the game more difficult.

Finally, the launch of the new Monsters inc film, Monsters University, comes the release of the hugely entertaining Sully Monster Mask. This is more like an interactive face than a mask, it pulls realistic facial expressions by moving it's mouth and eyebrows and it also growls. We suspect this is going to be a hug with boys wanting to pounce and scare on their sisters!

Sulley Monster Mask Image

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