LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer – Multi-Media for Kids

Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer

There is an updated version of this toy here.

The Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer is the latest product from the well known children’s toy manufacturer LeapFrog and is a tablet PC made just for children.

If your child has always got their hands on your phone or computer then a LeapPad Explorer could be just what you are looking for and would certainly make a great Christmas present.

The LeapPad Explorer features a built-in video recorder, camera and a range of other fun activities including a variety of apps which are designed to turn educational activities into fun games.

What are the key features of the LeapPad Explorer?

Here is a list of the key features of the Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer:

  • Tablet PC aimed at children
  • 5 inch high resolution touch screen
  • Child friendly and durable
  • Built-in multi-media technology to aid children’s learning
  • Built-in video recorder, camera and microphone
  • Compatible with 100+ downloadable games and apps on the LeapPad Explorer software library
  • Ability to personalise each LeapPad Explorer
  • 2GB memory

What is the Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer?

The Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer is a fantastic way to help children learn and the best part is that they won’t even realise they are learning as they’ll be too busy having fun playing!

There are a huge number of ways for children to learn and play at the same time including e-books, games, videos and downloadable apps.

The LeapPad Explorer comes with a library featuring 35+ games and activities. These activities enable children to enjoy playing whilst learning skills in areas such as reading, maths, science and music. To make their learning even more fun children can even do these activities with their favourite TV and film characters such as Ben 10, Penguins of Madagascar, Disney Princess, Dora the Explorer and Toy Story 3.

For access to over 100 further downloadable apps including e-books and games you simply connect the LeapPad Explorer to a PC.

Children can get creative on the Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer in the art, animation and photo studios. There is hours of fun to be had in each of these studios. In the photo studio children can even edit their own photos taken on the LeapPad’s built-in camera.

The LeapPad Explorer features a large touch screen, clear and bright graphics, a stylus for writing and a powerful processor for great game playing. Skill levels change to suit the child’s ensuring they are always challenged.

More fun can be accessed in LeapWorld which is LeapFrog’s safe place to access further activities for children. Parents can also access the LeapFrog Learning Path to see their child’s learning path.

Watch the LeapPad Explorer Video

Is the LeapPad Explorer a good toy for my child?

Yes! There are so many varied activities and games available on the LeapPad that it would be impossible not to find one to suit your child’s interests. You may also be interested in the VTech Innotab which is another tablet PC aimed at children that is on the hot toy list.

The LeapPad Explorer is aimed at children 4-9 years old.

What do other customers think?

The LeapPad has already received positive feedback from many happy customers:

“My son LOVES it. Highly educational games - not your typical "video game only" system. It's worth every penny” - C. Rapinchuk

“This leap pad is fantastic my 5 year old son absolutely loves it!! He hasnt put it down since we got it” - V. Cardinale

In Summary

The Leapfrog LeapPad Explorer is a brilliant toy which is great fun for children to play with whilst also encouraging their learning in many different areas.

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