Lego City Police Station - Ello, Ello, Ello!

Lego City Police Station ToyMost of us associate Lego as that timeless toy that can keep children entertained for hours on end!  Well the same definitely applies to the latest Lego release - the Lego City Police Station.

The Lego City Police Station is tipped to be a best seller this Christmas and is included in the top 10 of many major retailers Christmas toy lists. Read on to see what we think about this Police Station from Lego.

What does the Lego Police Station include?

  • A massive 783 pieces!
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Police station features jail cells, computer command centre, helicopter pad and garage for vehicles
  • Lego action figures included including policemen, robbers and a police dog  
  • Other accessories including handcuffs, crowbar, wanted poster, dog kennel and much more
  • Vehicles include police cars, prisoner transport van and bike.

You definitely get value for money with this Lego toy! It includes everything your child will be able to think of for the whole police station experience. You can be guaranteed that you child will experience hours of endless fun putting together and playing with this great toy.

This Lego set includes easy to follow instructions so there will be no problems with being able to construct the Lego City Police Station.

Once your child has had lots of fun putting the Police Station together, they can enjoy all the other features of this brilliant toy, such as chasing the criminals in the police car and putting them in jail or sending out commands via the computer control room.

This toy will definitely keep your child amused for many hours this Christmas, leaving you to free to relax! Lego have also released the Lego Ninjago Fire Temple set which is also going to be huge this Christmas.

Is the Lego City Police Station be suitable for my child?

Definitely! Lego can be played with by children of all ages and boys and girls both enjoy it. Please note that this toy is not suitable for children younger than 3 years old. If you like the look of this lego set you may also be interested in the hilarious Doggy Doo Game by John Adams.

What Are The Customers Saying?

My daughter loved both constructing the Lego City Police Station and then spent many hours of pretend play with it afterwards. Later, after it was taken apart, the pieces were used for her own creative construction. – Roberto

My 10 year old built this in one sitting. Loves it and would not stop thanking me for getting it for him. Highly recommened!! – Fran

My boys could not wait to get this set. They worked non stop when it arrived. I only wish it took them longer than 3 hours to complete it. Detail is amazing. Very happy with purchase. - Kristy

To Finish

The great customer reviews show that this product is going to be a real hit this Christmas giving many children hours of great fun. Make sure you order your Lego City Police Station soon so that your child is not left disappointed on Christmas Day.

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