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The Mine Lego City Set

Lego have just released another play set called Lego City The Mine which is tipped to be a best seller this Christmas 2012 by many of the leading toy retailers.

Lego is a well known and much loved brand that has been played with by children all over the world for many generations and so we decided to take a closer look at this play set with all its wonderful parts and many accessories.

What are the main features of the Lego City Mine?

Here is a list of the main features of the Lego City The Mine: 

  • Includes a mine, drill, crane and truck
  • The crane features a rotating cabin, lowering shovel and moving arm
  • The truck features an articulated cab 
  • The set includes 4 mini figures including a crane driver,  crew chief, driller and truck driver all     of which are wearing mining helmets with miners lamps attached
  • Includes 3 dynamite packs, 1 of which has a timer and 2 detonators
  • Includes 2 rocks which contain 6 gold nuggets, 36 smaller rocks and 2 bars of gold 
  • Includes a storage box, an explosion warning sign and a wheelbarrow
  • Includes a shovel, pickaxe, broom, walkie-talkie and even a little coffee cup 
  • The mine features a train, train track, conveyer belt, mine door and a safe 
  • The drill has a spinning function
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great value for money
  • Encourages interactive play
  • Suitable for children aged 6 years and over

What is the Lego City Mine?

Lego City The Mine is a wonderful Lego play set for children who love Lego and would make an extra special present for those who have a miner in the family!

The Mine Lego play set is based on a real mine where miners dig the earth for minerals and metals such as gold. The Mine Lego play set is packed full of highly detailed mining accessories and is sure to keep older children entertained for many hours.

Interactive Play Fun

Children can enjoy lots of interactive play with this fun Mine Lego play set. They can take part in the whole mining process from start to finish. They can start the mining process by helping the driller to break up the rocks with the drilling machine. T

hey can then help the crane driver to load rocks onto the conveyer belt and then complete the process by helping the truck driver to haul it all away and transport the rocks and waste away from the mine on the train.

The play set even includes a safe for children to lock the gold away and dynamite for them to help the miners find even more gold!

Let's Look at the Vehicles

We took a closer look at this play set starting with the vehicles. The play set includes a yellow train with a wagon attached, a crane, a green tipper truck with a trailer attached, a drilling machine and a little wheelbarrow.

The yellow train is small in size and has a little wagon attached to it. However, it is big enough to transport a large amount of rocks and gold.
The crane is similar to other cranes found in Lego play sets. It is able to turn a full 360 degrees.

The green tipper truck is also similar to other trucks found in Lego play sets but does include some details that make it unique.  It also has a trailer attached which has side reliefs and a tipper mechanism.

The drilling car looks strong as though it will be able to do its job well. It has large wheels  and at the front of it there is a big black drill which does rotate. There is also a big engine and the driver’s seat which includes great  detail the addition of a little red coffee cup!

This play set also includes lots of wonderfully detailed accessories including a whole variety of tools for the mining team including lamps, waste cans and much more.

Is the Lego City The Mine a good toy for my child?

If you have an older child over the recommended age of 6 who enjoys playing with Lego then this play set is bound to make a great addition to their Lego collection.

Not only will it provide them with hours of endless fun but it will also help to develop their creative development and imaginative play.

The Lego play set also encourages children to spend time with their families as parents and children can enjoy playing with the Lego play set together.

What do other customers think?

There are already many reviews from satisfied customers to be seen on the internet and we think that as we approach Christmas 2012 there will be many more. Here is one review from a happy customer:

"...a mine train that brings small pieces of Lego to a crane. The crane then grabs the pieces using it's spring loaded grab and drops them onto the conveyor belt. The truck waiting at the bottom of the conveyor belt then carries them away.... hours of fun to be had! Gobe Hill

In Summary

The Lego City The Mine is a lovely detailed play set that is definitely going to be a best seller this Christmas with children everywhere. We think it is going to be very popular amongst Lego fans who will love receiving this play set to add to their Lego collections.

If you know of a Lego  fan who would like this play set for Christmas 2012 then it might be wise to order one now so as to avoid disappointment.

Many of the top toy retailers are predicting that the Lego City  Mine is going to sell really well towards Christmas and like all the top toys at Christmas time - it is definitely better to buy early!

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