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The popular Monster High dolls are expected to huge bestsellers again this Christmas 2012.

The Monster High Dolls are beautifully detailed gothic styled dolls that are each modelled on the teenage children of legendary characters including vampires, monsters and werewolves. Each Monster High doll has his or her own unique personality and attends school at Monster High.

Mattel have ensured that each doll  is kept updated with the trendiest fashions and coolest looks.

What are the main features of the Monster High Dolls?

Here is a list of the main features of the Monster High Dolls:

  • Fashion dolls based on legendary characters
  • Each doll is beautifully styled in a gothic theme to suit his / her name
  • Each dolls contains a huge amount of detail
  • All dolls are fully articulated so they can be posed in many different ways
  • Doll stand allows doll to stay in one fixed position
  • Suitable for children aged 6 years old and over
  • Each doll measures 11 inches high
  • Please note that dolls cannot stand up unaided

In addition, each doll includes the following:

  • a fully clothed doll
  • a pet for the doll
  • a diary
  • an accessory
  • a Monster High logo hair brush
  • a doll stand

Let's take a closer look

There are now a huge range of Monster High dolls available to buy and these include all of the following:


Draculaura is the daughter of Count Dracula and she has a pet bat called Count Fabulous

Frankie Stein

Frankie Stein is the daughter of Frankenstein and is the youngest Monster High doll. She has a pet cat called Watzit.

Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf is the daughter of the Werewolf and has a pet cat called Crescent.

Lagoona Blue

Lagoona Blue is the daughter of the creature from the Black Lagoon and her pet is a pink piranha called Neptuna.

Cleo de Nile and Nefera de Nile

Cleo de Nile and Nefera de Nile are sisters and the daughter's of the Mummy. Cleo de Nile has a turquoise pet cobra called Hissette and Nefera de Nile has a pet Scarab Beetle called Azura.

Deuce Gorgon

Deuce Gorgon is the son of Medusa and has a pet two-tailed rat called Perseus.


Operetta is the daughter of the Phantom of the Menace and has a pet spider called Memphis "Daddy O' Longlegs".

Holt Hyde

Holt Hyde is the son of Mr and Mrs Hyde (or Jekyll and Hyde as they are more well known) and his pet is a chameleon called Crossfade.

Jackson Jekyll   

Jackson Jekyll is the cousin of cousin of Heath Burns and he also has a pet chameleon called Crossfade.

Clawd Wolf

Clawd Wolf is the son of the Werewolf and his pet is a gargoyle bulldog called Rockseena.

C.A. Cupid

C.A. Cupid is the daughter of Eros and indecisive about which pet she would like to have.

Abbey Bominable

Abbey Bominable is the Abominable Snowman's daughter has a pet baby Woolly Mammoth called Shiver.

Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra Vondergeist is the ghost's daughter and she has a pet ghost Ferret called Rhuen.

There are also some new ghouls enrolling at Monster High this year and these include:

Robecca Steam

Robecca Steam is the daughter of a Mad Scientist and has a pet mechanical penguin called Captain Penny.

Venus McFlytrap

Venus McFlytrap is the daughter of the Plant Monster and has a pet Venus flytrap called Chewlian.

Rochelle Goyle

Rochelle Goyle is the daughter of The Gargoyles and has a pet gargoyle griffin called Roux.

Keep a look out for the latest Monster High toys which include a Monster High School Play Set, a Ghoulia Yelps Scooter and Doll Set  and the Monster High Roller Maze Dolls.

Are the Monsters High Dolls good toys for my child?

The Monster High range of dolls would make a perfect Christmas gift for daughters, granddaughters, nieces or any little girl who loves collecting them.

Monster High dolls are lots of fun for little girls to collect, play and interact with.

Playing with the dolls will not only provides hours of entertainment but also will encourage social interaction and role playing fun with family member and friends.
Also it is worth mentioning that as these dolls are different to the usual they  will encourage children to accept all kinds of people or creatures no matter their background. 

What do other customers think?

The Monster High Dolls have already been released into the market and there has already been lots of positive feedback from happy customers such as this customer who is referring to the Robecca Steam Doll:

"I was blown away by how amazing the Robecca Steam doll is. The photos just don't do her justice as she is contains so much brilliant detail. She is so gorgeous that I'm really surprised she isn't a limited edition. I love her everything about her from her beautiful blue and black hair down to her imprinted toes. She has a clock theme which you can see in her goggles, in the irises of her eyes and on the raised imprint pattern that covers her whole body. She wears a modern outfit which consists of a Victorian hoop skirt, hatbox clock bag, rocket boots and she has a cute pet robot penguin. I would highly recommend this dolls to all collectors of the Monster High Dolls" Tina

In Summary

We feel sure that there are going to be many happy Monster High fans this Christmas Day when children open their presents. The Monster High range of dolls are a definite must have for Monster High fans everywhere.

The Monster High range of dolls are expected to be a huge best seller this Christmas and is featured in some of the leading retailers top 10 toys for Christmas. If you know of a child who would like one then it will probably be wise to order it early to avoid disappointment as we think they will sell out quickly.

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