Monopoly Electronic Banking - Credit Card Galore!

Monopoly Banking ToyMonopoly Electronic Banking is the latest version of the ever popular Monopoly board game that has been around for many years.

This year will see the release of the latest version of the board game, full name ‘Monopoly Here & Now Electronic Banking Edition’. This exciting new version is already tipped by leading retailers to be the best selling game this Christmas.

What is Monopoly Banking?

This latest edition of Monopoly brings the game right up to date and into the electronic age. The general concept of the game is exactly the same - that is to make the other players bankrupt. The difference with this version of the game is cash is not used but instead bank cards and credit card machines are utilised.

Key features of Monopoly Electronic Banking:

  • Buying and selling concept is the same
  • Includes game board, cards, dice, tokens, houses and hotels
  • Uses electronic banking and credit cards instead of notes

Today, most of us tend not to carry cash but use cards to pay for items. By upgrading the game so that players now use electronic banking and credit cards, the manufactures have ensured that Monopoly has now entered the modern world.

Monopoly Electronic Banking is essentially the same as older versions as it still contains the main concept of buying and selling of properties to make other players bankrupt. However, money is now exchanged between players by electronic means.

This does mean that players can no longer see other player’s piles of cash so it isn’t as easy to see who is winning the game anymore! Other games on the hot toy list this year include the Bop It XT and the highly addictive iBall3 puzzle game.

Is Monopoly Banking suitable for my children?

The concepts involved in the game mean it isn't suitable for younger children, however, children of 8 years and older should enjoy participating in this game. Monopoly is a wonderful family game that all members can join in with, Hasbro have once again done a superb job.

What do customers think of the game?

Monopoly Electronic Banking is already a massive hit which has received many favourable reviews:

“My son had always want this electronic monopoly. We had a lot of fun playing it! Very easy to use and less things to clean up!”  - Jenny Woo

"Gave this set to my daughter for her 12th birthday, and so far it has been great fun and enjoyed by all." – JC Jefferys

In Summary

Monopoly Electronic Banking is guaranteed to be another popular family game for many years to come. As it’s tipped to be best seller this Christmas, make sure you order yours early to avoid disappointment.

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