Monster High Fearleading Squad - Creepy Fun!

Monster High Fearleading SquadMonster High Fearleading Squad are part of the range of fashion dolls inspired by monsters from the well known horror movies and books. All the dolls are children of creepy characters including Dracula, Frankestein and other ghouls and zombies.

The dolls attend the same school called Monster High and the Monster High Fearleading Squad includes 3 dolls, two of who are Fearleaders (cheerleaders) and the third a team fan. The Monster High dolls are young, trendy and always seen wearing the latest fashions and all style.

Monster High Fearleading Squad Key Features

The Monster High Fearleading Squad have the following features:

  • 3 dolls in the set
  • 2 dolls are Fearleaders and the third is a team fan
  • Set includes Draculaura (daughter of Dracula), Ghoulia Yelps (daughter of the Zombies) and Cleo De Nile (daughter of the Mummy)  
  • Accessories include set of pom poms, bull horn, school banner, large foam finger and matching gym bag
  • The bodies of the doll’s are articulated and the forearms and hands can be taken off to make dressing really easy

What are the Monster High Fearleading Squad?

These three Fearleaders are members of the Monster High Fearleading squad. Cleo and Draculaura are the Fearleaders and are dressed in their trendy Fearleading outfits in the team colors of black, pink and white. Ghoulia is the Monsters High team fan and she also wears the team colours and has a big foam finger and a flag so she can show her support to her team.

The detail contained on each of the Monster High dolls is amazing, as an example, Draculaura has black and pink bunned hair with matching pom poms as well as pink earrings and fish-net tights with colour co-ordinated high heeled boots.

This set also includes accessories including a hair brush, pom poms, a megaphone, a large foam finger, a school banner and a gym bag.

Are these Monster High dolls suitable for my child?

If you know of a Monsters High fan then they are guaranteed to love this set of dolls and you may also be interested in the Barbie Puppy Water Park or the Angry Birds toys.

The manufacturer Mattel states that these dolls are aimed at girls aged 6 years and over and are but are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old.

What do others think of the Fearleading Squad?

There isn’t yet any customer feedback on this Monsters High doll set.

In Summary

The Monster High Fearleading Squad will be well received by many young girls who love the popular Monster High range of dolls. As these dolls have recently become even more popular, if your kids love Monsters High dolls it's probably best to buy early this Christmas to avoid disappointment.

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