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For those who not already in the know the Moshi Monster characters are cute and colourful monsters that live in their own virtual world. Children can go online to adopt their own pet Moshi Monster as well as explore the Moshi Monster's world, customise and name their monster, make friends, solve puzzles and care for their new pet.

For Christmas 2012, Vivid (who manufacturer the Moshi Monsters) have released its new range of App Monsters that very cleverly combine smart phone applications with the Moshi Monsters toy range.

Children will love turning their phones into their favourite cuddly talking Moshi Monsters with all new Moshi Monster App Monsters.

What are the main features of the Moshi Monster App Monsters?

Here is a list of the main features of the Moshi Monster App Monsters:

  • Simply download the app and place your iPhone or iPod into the Moshi Monster to make it spring into life
  • The app is free to iPod or iPod Touch owners
  • The app is full of fun-packed activities for children to enjoy
  • Requires the downloadable app and a compatible iPhone or iPod phone to work
  • The iPhone or iPod becomes interactive as it turns into the monster's face 
  • The Monsters are small, soft and cuddly plush toys
  • Children can interact, play and talk to their monster 
  • Includes 4 separate modes of play: Monster mode, Dress up mode, Super mode and DJ mode
  • Each mode allows children to do something fun and different with their monster
  • Range includes the following Moshi Monsters characters: Poppet, Luvli, Katsuma and Furi 
  • Children can enjoy collecting them all
  • Suitable for children aged 4 years and over

Let's take a closer look

The Moshi Monsters App Monsters allow children to bring their favourite Moshi Monster characters to life by simply inserting their iPod or iPhone inside the toy and downloading a free app. The Moshi Monsters face will then magically appear on screen and children can enjoy a range of fun activities!

The App Monster includes 4 modes of play ; Monster, Dress up, Super and DJ. Each mode allows children to do something different with their Moshi Monster, for example, they can poke their monster in the eye to hear it giggle, they can shake it, they can dress it up, they can feed it and they can listen to their favourite music through it and much more.

Modes of Play

Monster Mode: This is the mode to be activated for all sorts of Moshi Monster crazy behaviour! In this mode children can enjoy poking their Moshi Monster in the eye to hear them laughing, shaking them, touching their mouth to feed them or laying them on their back to go to sleep.

If they are not touched in this mode then they will get very grumpy! Monster Mode is activated by holding the Moshi Monster upside down.

Dress Up Mode

This is the mode to be activated when children want to change the appearance of their Moshi Monster. Children can customise their monster with items from the marketplace shop such as hats, wigs, moustaches, eyebrows, lips and even funny noses.

Super Mode

This is the mode to be activated for children to let their monster turn into a Super Moshi with their own mask and flying sounds!

DJ Mode

This is the mode to be activated when children want to play their favourite music through their Moshi Monster. They will enjoy becoming a DJ with a pair of funky glasses. Children simply touch the glasses to play music which can be Moshi music as well as other music on their iPhone or iPod. To go forward or move on tracks they simply press the top of the glasses.

Is the Moshi Monster App Monster a good toy for my child?

The Moshi Monster App Monsters are great toys designed especially for children.

The Moshi Monsters are an educational and fun web based game and children who enjoy playing the online game will definitely enjoy receiving and interacting with their own Moshi Monster toys.

The Moshi Monster App Monster would make a great Christmas gift for Moshi Monster fans who own their own iPhone of iPod Touch as they two are very cleverly combined to make a fun toy!

The Moshi Monster App Monsters encourage children to interact, play and talk to their Monster as they can shake it, poke it, dress it up, care for it and listen to their music through it.

Children will enjoy collecting all of the Moshi Monster App Monster characters for hours of Moshi Monster fun.

What do other customers think?

The Moshi Monsters App Monster have already been released into the market and there has already been lots of positive feedback from happy customers such as this:

"I purchased a Moshi Monster App Monster for my daughter's 6th birthday from Amazon and I was delighted to discover I had received two of them! My daughter was over the moon to receive Poppet and Luvli, especially as Poppet is her favourite character! She hasn't stopped playing with them for the last two weeks! I would definitely highly recommend these as a really fun toy for all fans of the Moshi Monsters! I would tell anyone to buy theirs today as I think they're definitely going to be really popular" Becky

In Summary

We feel sure that there are going to be many happy Moshi Monster fans this Christmas Day when children open up their presents. The Moshi Monster App Monster's are a definite must have for Moshi Monster fans everywhere.

The Moshi Monster App Monster characters are expected to be a huge best sellers this Christmas and are featured in some of the leading retailers top 10 toys for Christmas. If you know of a child who would like one then it will probably be wise to order it early to avoid disappointment as we think they will sell out really quickly.

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